4 Ways To Make Life Funny

We all need some humor in life. Humor can help us stay happy, healthy, and full of life. Did I mention happy people live longer? “Those with dread, may quickly end up dead”–Caden738, Editor-in-chief of Theh2digroup.com (The site your on now). My life is full of Humor, and I want to show you 4 ways to add some humor in your life.

4. Point-of-view

If you watch I guy get kicked in the nuts you may find that funny. If you are the guy getting kicked in the nuts you must may not find that funny. That’s a point-of-view thing. When something happens to you don’t freak out about It. Thing of the 3 R’s I just made up.

  • Relax. Don’t stress out about situations where you get laughed at
  • Remember. Worst case: You witness is a friend, and they embarrass you once or twice by telling the story in public. Best case: Everyone forgets (which is most likely), or no one you knew was present. It’s not like its gonna get posted on social media, or YouTube or anything. Most of those things are staged, and I doubt that when something happens to you someone will have a camera on the incident.
  • Regret? Do you see the question mark!?! That is because that is a question! Why regret? What’s the point? There is none. No point. If you regret, and roll around in the dirt of the incident or will just make it more embarrassing, and more people will remember.

Just have fun with funny thing EVEN of they happen to you.

3. Take it & Dish

If someone calls you a name you need to realize if that’s a joke, or if that guy–or girl– is just being an a*shole. If it’s the latter then clock the m*otherf*cker. But if he’s just making fun then take it in, and of course dish it out. Even if you need to look at a photo of your friends every night, and memorize comebacks that fit them, you need to dish it out. That’s creepy, yeah, but “Hey Joe” who one that argument! Catch the Jimi Hendrix joke? It’s not good… I know…

Last sentence…? I made a crappy joke, and I lived with it. I know it’s bad, but I’m still gonna publish it. I’ll take it from myself, and I’ll give it to myself. That’s another thing.

2. Make Fun Of Yourself

I can confidently call myself a d*ck. I can confidently call myself a a*shole. Can you? Let’s go back to #4, if something embarrassing happens to you, and no one is there to witness it than you hold a–possibly–hilarious joke in your brain. Will you share it? It will make them laugh, and you may get embarrassed, but who cares?

When I talk with people I’m not afraid to tell a story where I seem like a total dumb*ss. And remember the 2nd R in the H2DI 3 R’s: Remember that everyone will forget. They’ll all forget the story I told them, and even if they tell a friend then eventually that person they told will also forget.

1. Learn Comedy

We’re not all born comedians, but dammit we all can be. Watch standup, go to classes (NOTE: NOT IMPROV), do whatever you can to get you more intact with comedy… and then….. steal. Just messing with you. “Steal” is a harsh word. If you rip off a comedian–especially famous ones–then you can receive outlash from family/friends/bystanders for stealing a joke. So you don’t “Steal” jokes, you don’t steal storylines, and you don’t “modify” a comedian’s jokes.

You simply use the enthusiasm. Being enthusiastic can increase your funniness whether your funny, or not. That’s why most famous comics are so energetic, and excited all the time. Then–dont steal–but create your own story. Even if its fictitious. Just try to make someone laugh.

Ending Statement

Laughter. Life. LSD. Love. Life. All start with L’s, and three out of four of them still exist. All of them exist in 70’s, and 80’s music though… Just try to get yourself dome of those L’s. But avoid LSD! That sh*t f*cks with your brain…!

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