5 Fun Things For Kids To Do When Summer’s Over

Summer ends in a week for some kids, 2 weeks for others. This time of excitement, joy, and fun is just about done. Hey, #Poet&IDidntKnowIt! Fun? Done? Get it? Rhymes?….. Limes? Times?–Ok, I’m over it, so let me tell you 5 things for kids to do now that summers over.

1. Video Games

Now that summer is over all those geeks will be making our games again! New games will rollout like the Transformers! Oddly enough people like us say “Geeks”, but we play the games, and use Transformers references. Who’s really the “Geek”?

2. Culture On The Screen, Sir

Yes. Get some Culture From The Screen, sir. Culture such as that off the esteemed Family Guy, and Snooki. Seriously though if you enjoy Snooki get your a** off my site. I don’t want H2DI to be a platform for followers! But please if you hate Snooki Click Here to follow my site!

3. Writing

Do you see how fun I’ve made this article? That’s because writing can be fun! And after all this time I’ve spent writing I’ve learned the most important lesson of all: Don’t give a fiddle f*ck if people hate your writings, and call them “Unfunny”, or “Misogynistic”. Because guess what? I don’t know what “Mysognistic” even means.

Disclaimer: I do know what Misogyny is, and I deeply apologize to Miss Lorena Bobbit for the comments I made, please note the article has been removed as your lawyer told me to do… please don’t cut off my penis!

What? You Can’t Read That Paragraph? Don’t Worry About It! *Forced Laughter* Ha Ha-Ha!

4. Practice

Just as I said to some random guy at a Walmart this morning “Practice”. I don’t know why I said it. But I think he took it as advice… which is good, because we all know Walmart shoppers need advice. Advice such as: Become a Republican and start making good money so you can afford Costco.

Practice whatever you want! As long as in the end you got better at something, learned a new skill, or whatever! See? I can be a good, Wholesome educational influence.

5. Make Money

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