Funny Acronyms, 5 Of 'Em

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At one point and time everyone has heard an Acronym. More likely than not: A funny one. Funny Acronyms are an American Tradition, meaning that we probably stole them from somebody. But jokes aside, enjoy this Article.

And please, laugh out load! 🙂


That Funny!

Let’s Dig In!

1. L.I.F. E., Man

Funny Acronyms

DISCLAIMER: We do not want you to do any of those drugs. If you do your stupid.

2. E.N.G.L.A.N.D., Sir

I bet you’ve never heard this Acronym before, am I right? Its probably not all that true, but it makes us feel a little bit more superior. And isn’t that what lifes about anyways?

3. Nice B.M.W. Acronym

Not the funniest, but an honest Acronym.

4. Like A B.O.S.S. Acronym

Well this Acronym is true… BOSS’s are built on self success

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5. I Hate M.A.T.H

We all have Math, and that’s why this Acronym is both Funny, and relatable! It really is like mental abuse to some of us.

After reading this post do you suddenly love funny acronyms?


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