Times are getting more technological. And as everything progresses, more, and more people have started creating websites, and blogs for their businesses.

“So Should I Start A Blog For My Buisness?”

The simple answer is yes. And in this post I will discuss five reasons as to why this is.

5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog For Your Business

5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog For Your Business is given below read it carefully to clarify your all confusion.

1. Free Advertising

At first a blog may only receive 2, 3, 4, or even just 5 views a week. This really isn’t uncommon. But if you keep a good posting schedule (Read: Post consistently) your views will continue to grow, and grow.

Eventually after maybe 6 months, maybe a year your business’ blog may be receiving excess of 100 views a day. Thats 3,000 views a month.

In Other Words: Thats 3,000 People noticing your buisness every month.

Now of course that’s just a number I throuh out. Depending on what type of bbuisness you run you could receive 10 vviews a day… or maybe 1,000 views a day…


Let’s look at 2 businesses. One is a small Accounting/Financial Aid Buisness. The other is a large local Taxi Buisness.

The Local Taxi Buisness:

This buisness would generate very few views, as a Taxi Buisness wouldn’t have a blog that people find useful, or interesting.

An Accounting/Financial Aid Buisness However…

While it may not be as big a buisness as the Local Taxi Distributor Accounting, an Financial aid have a major online audience. In fact some of the most succesfull websites are about Finance. A blog like this could receive tens of thouand of views daily. That brings me to number 2…

2. A Blog Is–Often–Just A Start

If you have a blog for your buisness receiving a large amount of views every day then you may be able to start selling your businesses products online.

While this works best for Retail Buisnesses, it can also work for business like–again–finance.

If your buisness doesn’t sell physical things, but instead provides a service it’s likely that you could provide the service remotely to your readers and charge them for it.

That’s why…

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3. A Blog Can Expand Your Buisness

Once your site has a blog stable enough for you to start selling online then you unlock ttremendous potential.

The potential to triple your buisnesses income.

More people are buying online than ever, and you could start selling a huge percentage of your inventory online. Or even your whole inventory.

Online Retailing is so huge that within 5 years your Buisnesses online E-Commerce store could be the source for a vast majority of your sales.

And Starting A Blog Can Help You Get The Visitors To Your Website To Help You Achieve That.

4. A Blog Can Help Build Your Buisnesses Online Following

Your buisnesses Facebook Page, or Twitter Account is more likely to show up on Facebook, and Twitters Local front pages if you have more Follows.

Notice the keyword “Local”. This helps your buisness be seen by more people in your specific area. Which may help drive more visitors to your aactual physical location.

Just simply leave a link to your Store’s Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media you use, and it will help increase your follows.

5. To Build A Brand

The most successful buisnesses in the woworld are successful because they hav built a successful brand, and they hae major Brand Recognition.

What Is Brand Recognition?

Brand Recognition is when someone says the name of a Brand, or you read the name of a brand, hear it, however the point is: People know that brand.

Walmart, Target, and Starbucks have maor brand Recognition. I mean if someone said they went to Starbucks your mind wouldn’t assume they went to a Money Mint in Space, it would know they went to get coffee.

A blog can help people learn your brand. AKA: Brand Recognition.

I think now your all confusion is clear about 5 Reasons You Should Start A Blog For Your Business if you have still any questions you can ask in the comments box below.

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