In this quick 2-step guide I’ll tell you all about blog creation in 5 minutes–for free–plus how to set it up in half-and-hour, and make a living in 2 years.

Blog Creation In 2 Steps:

Step 1: Make Decisions

You need to decide a couple things:

  • Your Niche
  • The Name Of Your Blog
  • Your Tagline
  • Your Logo


This is your general category. It’s what your blog is about.

Are you a News Blog, are you a game blog, a dog blog, or a cat blog?

What’s your Niche, what is your blog about. This is one of the most important things to decide Pre-Blog Creation.

Click Here To See Our Creating A Niched Blog Series, Which Has Details On How To Create Blogs Of Certain Niches.

The Name Of Your Blog:

Once your blog has a niche, you need to decide a name. And choose a name that goes well with your niche.

The best names not only go well with your Niche, but have a Human Name in them (for familiarity), and a certain rhythm.

Maybe your name is Ryan, and you run a news blog. Then Ryan’s Report is an amazing name.

Or if you run a financial blog, and your name is Frank then, hey, Frank’s Finances is perfect.

To be honest: Your name doesn’t matter.

Your name could be Zane, and you could want to start a Fashion Blog. So then just call it Francis’ Fashion. Just choose a name that Works.

Of course you don’t need a human name at all, it’s just better that way.

It’s better because of Familiarity. People will feel more familiar with your blog if it Incorporates a human name, because humans are–themselves–familiar.

Itll make your reader feel more at home.

But if you don’t want to use a Human name just try and make sure the name you do choose is good, and rolls of your tongue.


Once you have your Niche, and Name you can create a tagline. Aka “Catchphrase”.

If you run a news blog for a city called “Morton” than it could be “Trustfully Reporting Morton’s Essential News”.

If you run a game blog that specifies on Xbox game reviews it could be “Discover The Best Xbox Games Here”.

Or you could incorporate your name into your tagline.

Let’s say you manage a Medical Advice blog called Katie’s Medicinal Tips, than your tagline could be “Katie’s Medicinal Tips: Manage Your Health Remotely”.

The Best Taglines Are 5-7 Words Long

Your Logo:

Your logo can incorporate your Niche, Name, & Tagline all in one place. When creating a blog remember that your logo is going to be a sort of Face for your organization, and It should be remember able.

A logo could describe your entire blog in 500 by 500 pixels.

If you run a Game Blog called “Dragonfly Games” & Your Tagline Is “Learn About The Games You Love” than maybe something like the image below would make a good logo:

Step 2: Creating A Blog (Aka: The Actual Creation)

For the second part of Blog Creation go to, click Sign Up, And Enter your Name, & Email. (Create an account)

After that you just choose the “Blog” option, and then type in all the information you just decided on. Your Niche, Name, Tagline, and Logo.

Other than that you just choose a Domain Plan and a theme.

Now the Free Plan doesn’t come with a normal domain, you can only get a or a domain.

Meaning that whatever domain you choose will end with or

So if the domain you want is GregBlogs, and you don’t want to pay the $15-$20 then you’ll have to take, or

Of course there are other options:

  • And others

After you decide your domain, and you decide your plan. Of course there’s the Free Plan, but of course there’s also the Personal, Premium, & Buisness Plans.

Remember that you get a free domain if you choose a plan, and to make ads you’ll at least need the Premium Plan, which is $100 a year.

Before you activate Ads maybe try to get at least 100 views a day. That’s when Ads start making money. It’s not much money, but it is money. Enough money to put a smile on your face, and make you feel accomplished! 🙂

Then just decide your theme. There are Free Themes, and of course Premium themes. To gain access to Premium themes you either pay for them upfront, or have to have the premium plan.

For free themes I suggest: Twenty-Nineteen

For Premium themes I Suggest: The Hive

Remember to do all this go to

Why WordPress?

Because it’s the best honestly. Weebly is way too expensive, Wix is Shoddy, GoDaddy has terrible and slow customer support (meaning that if your site goes down it make be hours before it gets fixed, while with WordPress it may be minutes) They aren’t the best for creating a blog.

WordPress is the easiest, and the simplest. Plus there Ad Platform WordAds–which you can only run if you have a WordPress Site–is one of the best ad platforms.

What Plan do I suggest? For newer bloggers that want a paid plan I highly suggest the Premium Plan. It’s one of the best for blog creation.

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