Many people want to be Youtubers, and many want to be Bloggers. Then theirs those Inbeween choices. So let’s discuss Blog Vs Vlog, and decide what’s best for you.

Blog Vs Vlog Easyness/Chances To Go Viral:

Blog: You need to write Long articles, the Blogosphere has around 10 Million users, you need to learn SEO, add Keywords, and create your site. Your not likely to go viral. Vlog: You need to create/Edit lengthy videos, and there are hundreds of millions of people who enjoy this type of content. You don’t need to learn SEO, or add keywords but it wouldn’t hurt to learn some advanced editing. However this is optional. You also will be using a major platform as a Vlogger (It would be stupid not too), so you don’t need to create your own site, it’s optional. Your not likely to go viral, but more likely to go viral than a blogger.

Blog Vs Vlog Salaries:

Blog: Most full-time Bloggers Earn 24K a year. But it isn’t out of a bloggers reach to make 50K a month, too $2 Million Plus a month, or more. Bloggers are also more likely to sell Books, and other Merchandise, which can increase their earnings 30-70% Vlog: The only way to be truly profitable you would need 1 Million YouTube Subscribers. Then you could make anywhere from 20K, to 100K a year. No Youtuber has ever made more than 2 Million a month, on average as of October 2019. Youtubers are also less likely to sell Books, and Merchandise, and if they do they sell much less than bloggers, on average.

Blog Vs Vlog. Time & Effort:

Blog: A blogger may spend 2-5 Hours a day writing an Article, then an additional 30 Minutes, to 3 hours a day doing various site-editing. In short: 2, an a half too 8 hours a day. Vlog: You may spend 1-5 Hours a day Creating/Editing your Video(s). The most professional Vloggers use advanced editing to create the best Video(s) possible.

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Blog Vs Vlog Social Media Presence:

Blog: While you should have A presence it’s not essential. Just try and pot a couple times a week. 1,000-5,000 Twitter followers is Perfect. Vlog: You need an incredibly high Social Media Presence. You should post at least 10 times a day, and at least 3 Photos/Small Videos a day so that people see your face for future Recognition. 50,000-100,000 Twitter followers is Eh. 250,000-1,000,000 is Perfect.

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In Short:

Blog: Its hard time consuming work, and you aren’t likely to go viral. But your more likely to make more money, and get an earlier retirement. Brightside? You don’t need a big social media Presence, and if your shy you can remain 100% Anonymous.

Vlog: Its easier than Blogging, and you have the opportunity to be recognized by hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions of fans. But you won’t make as much money as a blogger you’ve probably never even heard of. You’ll work easier, but you’ll work longer (In Terms Of Years). Well, as long as you keep producing Good Content, and don’t die out. Keeping that social media Presence may be stressful, but Brightside? Creating the Content is easier, and you’ll still work less. Click Here To Follow Us On Twitter, & Here To Follow Us On Facebook. Or Do One Better And Leave The Writer A Tip Down Below.

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