If you don’t want to go through the trouble of creating a site, and you just aren’t happy with Instagram than blogging on facebook may be your next best option. Facebook can be used like Live Journal, you just go on there create a page, and post however often you like, and however long you like a post on that page. That post can be Poetry, Advice, or–obviously–a journal.

The Advantages Of Blogging On Facebook

You have Billions at your fingertips, that you can reach. Meaning that by blogging on Facebook you could go viral. You could get a Sponsorship, because you won’t be able to run ads. A sponsorship can pay more, or less (See below). It’s easy. Facebook is an incredibly easy platform.

The Disadvantages Of Blogging On Facebook

The most important thing for a pro-blogger Is Keywords. And You Can’t gain keywords blogging on Facebook. You can’t run ads, because you don’t own the site. However–as I said–Sponsorships. They may be more, they may be less. You don’t have control. You can be censored, and brought down at any point.

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What Do I Think About It

Of course losing out on Keywords, and being Censored is a major issue too me. But I actually think that getting your start on Facebook could be Awesome. As I said before you have access to billions of viewers, and if you can get just 10,000-100,000 loyal Facebook fans you can then start your site; Get tons of Traffic; have a bigger Domain Authority; and rank for more keywords easier. Its gonna be easier to get thousands of follows on Facebook than it will on your own site. Then you monetize those viewers with Ads (And maybe an online store), and abracadabra: Your making a living. Click Here To Follow Us On Twitter, & Here To Follow Us On Facebook. Or Do One Better And Leave The Writer A Tip Down Below.

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