Blogging While Black, by Ki O’Shea

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The first blog I wrote, I was afraid. I was afraid because many people like me do not blog. What exactly does that mean; many like me??
Many of my female friends hold things in or we just go to therapy. We are private therefore, sharing my life whether surface level or not seemed too personal.

But I was encouraged to share because many saw my journey as inspirational. I didn’t. I looked at it as something I had no choice in; survive or fall. My therapist shared I inspired her.

She thought the strategies that I used to overcome things were fascinating. She smiled when I shared how I write positive affirmations on sticky notes. She marveled at the pictures I showed her of scriptures on sticky notes. She shared she was going to try sending post cards to herself like I do when I take trips.

But she made me feel confident that my journey and my tactics were not crazy. And because of her, I decided to open myself up a tad bit and blog. Surprisingly, I received emails and messages sharing nothing but positive messages.

I was extremely apprehensive because again women like me do not share their stories on a public platform without thinking…too much! Our families have told us to be strong, keep it in, and just keep moving. I decided to change my narrative and share my story from a positive angle because we all have life issues that make us…US!

But blogging and sharing for us has nothing to do with being afraid of what people will say about our circumstances. We live our lives and people see us, but our culture has taught us to always be strong.

My blogs have often centered around a vulnerability that I’m often praised about. My blogs discuss those macro-aggressions and even micro-aggressions that many, if not all Black women face even in 2019. My blogs relate to almost everyone, but my audience of Black women understand many of my topics.

I blog about positive men when our society show them on the news. My blogs highlight great people and their lessons. They depict a vulnerability that many Black women can never show because….we have to hold it together.

Even as we climb the social ladder of success, we still must be mindful of everything; and I mean everything, so to blog and be a Black woman can be overwhelming. If we share too much more or too little we are criticized. I actually had a horrible experience like this last year, where colleagues and even parents read my blogs last year; they were White and they were extremely disrespectful.

Such are reasons why many Black women do not blog. While it can be a sense of freedom, it also opens doors for more issues that are unneeded.

Check out our history of you don’t believe us. It reminds me of a recent episode from Season 6
of “Black-ish;” that episode about feminism.

They episode where White women wanted to discuss feminisim without adding the truth; there are more issues that Black women deal with. I am a professional and my friends are too and we deal with macro-aggresions daily. We are typically first generational successes in our families.

We have to live a dual life and act “accordingly” (whatever the heck that means), so to blog and share our truth is…something that many are ready to read.

We have to watch our tone. We have to watch how much we share so that we are not seen as weak. We are must be mindful of making sure we are NOT too “Black” but most of us probably don’t care because it’s obviously who we are.

I cannot take off my black skin tomorrow…so, my blogs might not be for everyone and I am ok with this.

To be Black Woman blogger; however, has been a great journey especially when you are comfortable with who you are. So if you are a Black women interested in blogging, I encourage you to breath, write, and then hit submit!

To do so, it requires the same thing that any blogger must focus on: truth, honesty, and confidence. And even if our truth seems too much for others, they deal and learn or they can scroll to the next blog.

#ThisThingCalledLife…embrace our Black female bloggers

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  1. I have read the book an it a Wonderful book an the truth that in the book has help me deal with alot of thing,s that I was holding in an not expressing what I felt or what I wanted to say. But Thank to the book I can feel free about we whatever. I truly Thank U 4 your book. Now my new life start in 2020 no more side stepping keep it real all the way.

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