The Brilliance: Game Of War|Ep. 5

Category: H2DI Varieties & Series

Game Of War is an app which has grossed over $2.8 Billion. I used to play daily, and spend anywhere from $100-500 a month, and I know a hundred others which spent more.

After a couple thousand dollars the game just gets dull. And sad. Because you can lose thousands of dollars worth of stuff…. by simply getting attacked by someone who just bought the latest $100 pack.

So what to do? Well you buy a $100 pack! Then all that goes obsolete in a week… so you buy another one! Then you get destroyed…. and the cycle restarts.

You’ve got to admit that that is sh*tty. But it’s also brilliant.

The Brilliance:

It’s a process that requires we go through some steps:

  • You download the app
  • You go through a 10 Min tutorial
  • You get happy! And it just seems so cool!
  • Then you see a $5 pack, and it has so much! Generally the $5 packs are marked as “New Player Discount: $100 Only $5!” Making you think it has $100 value.
  • You buy it, and are happy!… for like an hour.
  • Then you make another purchases, this time for $10. And from there the prices just keep on increasing, and you can’t go back. Eventually a $5, $10, and even $20 purchase becomes impossible. Only $50, and $100. Then there’s only one option once you spent enough: $100 Packs Only
  • You get addicted. (Some people spend so much they embezzle $1 Million from their companies.)
  • You make friends!
  • You make alliances!
  • You develop some democracy, and diplomacy knowledge!
  • You get destroyed; make a big purchase; try to get revenge; sometimes you can’t get revenge, because you still to weak, and you lose all that money…

This games a d*ck! But they are smart about it. You make friends, make drama, battles, and enemies. Then you need to spend money to keep up, get revenge, or impress.


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