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4 Winston Churchill Facts

Winston Churchill is one of the great leaders in the history of this earth, because of the the job that he did in world war two. Winston Churchill was born on 30th November 1874, Blenheim Palace and is one of Britain most influential leaders. 1. Voted out of office before World War II’s was finished […]

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3 Things That Are Exaggerated About Dubai

When most people think of Dubai, they think of Billionaires, $1,200 meals, and the world’s fastest, most expensive cars. Well this is an article where I will be looking into these 3 things, and telling you: Exaggeration, Or Not. Billionaires Dubai has a population of 3.137 Million people. Only 7 are billionaires (as of 2018). […]

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4 Ways Robots Will Change The Future

Robots are a topic that people about a lot, it is something that we could see very soon in the future, with the way that society is improving and the way technology is improving robots will be very common in the future. There have been concerns that Robots could become so smart and advanced that […]

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3 Things To Do On Vacation

Vacations are something we all enjoy it is a time to just relax and enjoy our private time and by relaxing without having to worry about the stress of exams in schools or universities or have to worry about getting the sack at work. However, you don’t want to just sit in and do nothing […]

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2 Tips On Intimidating Ruthless Bosses

There are those days where people walk over over you. Where you feel like nothing. The source of that feeling may stem from your Ruthless boss. The only way to make him back off is by mastering… Intimidation! 1. Looks Is your job at a FastFood restaurant, or a brokerage company. That will help a […]

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