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Mexico Sends Additional 15,000 Troops To The U.S-Mexico Border

Mexico has sent just under 15,000 troops to the U.S-Mexico Border, at least according to the Mexican Secretary of Defense, Luis Sandoval. There is also an estimated 6,500 troops/National Guard deployed to Mexicos Southern borders. This all comes after Trump, and Mexixo reached a trade deal, where it was stated that if Mexico didn’t help […]

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Ethiopian Officials Being Attacked, & Killed

Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, announced that the country’s Defense Chief Of Staff was shot. Recently in Ethiopa there has been a dramatic increase of unrest in the northern Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Which is believed to be the reason that the Defense Chief of Staff was shot, as he was attacked by “Mercenaries”. […]

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U.S Blacklists An Additional 5 Chinese Companies

President Trump’s administration blacklisted an additional 5 Chinese companies, and entities earlier today. The reason is because the company’s, and entities risked American National Security, or they went against foreign policy. By blacklisting these companies, and entities they may no longer purchase any U.S technology without written consent of the U.S Government. Which really sucks […]

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New Species Discovered In France: Fox-Cat

On the French island of Corsica wildlife officials found a brand-new species of Feline. The Fox-Cat has longer ears, and a longer body than house-cats, with large canine-like teeth. The first one was found in 2008 in a Chicken Coop, and since then 15 additional fox-cat’s have been found. After all these discoveries the Fox-cat […]

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Elephant Poaching Decreases In Mozambique, Africa

With the help of the Wildlife Conservation Society–or “WCS”–not a single elephant has been poached In Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve for over a year. The WCS Is a New York Based Wildlife support group, which is helping the Mozambique government keep poachers away from elephants. Not only has this been successful but the elephant population (currently […]

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