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Should You Have Paid Access Only Content On Your Site? Yes Or No?

I can tell you right now that this greatly depends on site traffic, and funding. People who own websites are always looking for new ways to get more money for their articles, and posts. One of those ways is paid members only content, and we’re going to discuss if you should have that, yes? Or […]

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A Religious Prediction Of 70 Or So Years From Now: What Will Happen When the Middle East Runs Out Of Oil

It is said that oil will run put in 2052, when this happens what will happen to Islam, and the middle east? Lots of people in the middle east live lavish lives, that are full of money, and precious things. When the oil runs out how will they pay for their lavish lifestyles? The truth […]

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The Security Of Social Media’s Possible Anonymity

Many people like to stay anonymous, but 90% of those people still do want their word to be heard. Social Media allows you to stay anonymous, and most social media allows you to get your point, and word across. I say most Snapchat is a major social media mogul, but you can’t really get a […]

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“Seattle Looks Like Shit” Facebook Page Is A Realistic Look At Seattle

So far over 12,000 people have liked a Facebook page titled “Seattle Looks Like Shit”, and I’m here to tell you how accurate that page actually is. I love Washington (state), the state is amazing, but the cities are a whole different story. It’s truly the towns that make this a great state. When most […]

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TV Shows: Why Do Their Seasons Keep Getting Fewer Episodes? A Useless Answer To A Weird Question. Even Though The Answer Is On The Photo Of This Article. Seriously Just Read The Caption Of The Photo… Please Read Though… We Enjoy The View Count…

Back in the time of Taxi, and I Love Lucy, not to mention Frasier the seasons had 20, and even up to 35 episodes. What has changed? Well my personal opinion is that as time goes by the TV world just keeps on pushing out junk, and this junk comes in fewer numbers than the […]

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