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The 3 Best Dog Breeds

Do you own a golden retriever? Well sorry, but they aren’t as good as everyone says they are. In this list I will be listing the 3 best dog breeds… the 3 best true dog breeds. We will be judging our breed listings by seeing which 3 types of dogs have excelled in the 3 […]

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The New Joaquin Phoenix “Joker” Movie Looks Awful

The Joker was best portrayed by Heath Leger. Heath once locked himself in a room for a long period of time so he would be crazy enough to play the Joker. He didn’t want Christian Bale (Who played batman) to fake punch him, no he wanted him to actually hit, and hurt him during the […]

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Does Your Sites Alexa Rank Matter & Should You Get An Alexa Paid Subscription

Alexa is a technology company owned by Amazon. Not only does Alexa produce the famous Alexa (The box servant), but they also feature a world class website ranking system. Using Alexa you can determine where your website stands in the world, maybe your in the top 10 Million, maybe the top Million. Does This Matter? […]

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Why Facebook Venters Are The Worst

Do know what “Venting” is. Basically its talking crap about people who annoy you. It helps you “Vent Out” your anger. Honestly venting is a really good way for me, and tons of members of my family (By “tons” I mean everyone from the 9 year old to the 97 year old) to relieve stress. […]

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The Hilarious Effects Of A Midlife Crisis (And The Bad Ones)

Imagine a women with pink hair, and three-inch acrylic nails. Now imagine a man wearing tank tops, hitting on 20-year olds, driving an old mustang. Now to set the picture right I want to let you know that this women, and this man are each 43-years old, beginning to wrinkle, carrying grey hair, bad vision, […]

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