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Personal Story: Watching A Possible Drug Deal At Safeway, Kent Washington

Personal Story: Watching A Possible Drug Deal At Safeway, Kent Washington. Submitted by Anonymous. As I write this the time is 1:27 PM Apiril 10th 2019. Ive been waiting for 15 plus minutes. I’m watching a family member (whose identity, and family status will remain anonymous) who has a history of drug abuse, and is […]

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Personal Story: Life After Losing It All To Alcohol

This story seems like a common one. Man gets drunk, gets addicted to alcohol, and loses it all. Unfortunately those stories are so common in our world. Though this man wants to tell you his story, and hopefully someone who’s a drunk now will read it, and hopefully that man will give up alcohol. My […]

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Personnel story: excessive paranoia

We all occasionally get paranoid, but this person we interviewed is excessively, and always paranoid. His paranoia has been described as “worse than that of a drug addicts”. Read the email interview down below. How much does the “excessive” as you’ve called it, paranoia affect your life. Well let me start out by saying, yes […]

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Personal Story: Man With 11 Pets

For today’s article we interviewed a former exotic pet owner, who at one point owned 18 pets, 7 of them exotic. The 7 pets were as follows: 2 Prarie Dogs, 2 Fiddler Crabs, 2 Sugar Gliders, and a ferret. Our favorite quote from the man was I should have known not to buy the prarie […]

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Personal Stories: A Love For Writing and its benefits

Whether it’s a book I’ll never publish or an article for Medium I love writing, and when you love doing something good it has benefits.

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