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Wasn’t Hillary Clinton Already President?

So today I was watching the news–well actually I was listening as my Grandmother watched the news–and I heard someone mention the 2016 election. That got me thinkin’. Now I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I will admit she is a women who is stronger, and more confident then most. And do you […]

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The Truth About The USA’s “Unfairness”

Let me set one fact straight: We live on earth. Earth: the planet where people are wrongly convicted. Earth: The planet where starvation is rampant. Earth: The unfair planet. What about the USA though? We don’t have millions of people starving to death, nor do we have as many people who are wrongly convicted as […]

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Jay Inslee: He F*cked Up Seattle, And May Be In A Presidency Near YOU!!!

Isnt this just F*cking amazing news!!! Cause you know that Jay Inslee– The spectacular–Governor of Washington State is now running for President! I am just so damn excited right now! Aren’t You!?! What! You have common sense!?! Your not excited for Jay Inslee!?! The Jay Inslee!?! You Sense the Sarcasm, Right? So this is my […]

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Americas Shock Collar Part 2: How It Keeps Us In Place

You heard me talk about in Part 1 about how it confines us, and bounds us. But I also said that it’s double-sided. With the bad there is a good. If America didn’t have this “Shock Collar” then how would we know out boundaries? So (literally speaking) if we didn’t have this shock collar then […]

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America’s Shock Collar Part 1: How It’s Keeping Us Confined

I doubt I’m the first person to say “America basically has a shock collar on”. But that “collar” has a double meaning, and I’m bringing you a 2-part series, one article for each meaning. How It Keeps Us Confined This collar that America wears is much like a perimeter collar. If you cross a certain […]

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