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How Many Times Should You Post Daily To Make A Living Blogging, And How Many Words Should Be Used Per Post

As I’ve mentioned before you need at least 20,000 views per month to make a living blogging. You also need to write a book, and set-up some affiliate links. But how do you achieve those 20,000 Views per day? Frequency Quality Those are the two expert blogger Essentials. How frequent do you blog, or post, […]

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How Many Views Does Your Blog Need Per Month To Make Money

As many bloggers do I have been doing my research about making a living off of my blog. We all ask the question: “how many monthly views does my blog need to make money” at least once. When I first started I didn’t think it was hard, I was wrong… but now I know it’s […]

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Keeping A Blog Alive P5: Connecting With Your Audience

Do you want to go to a meeting where you are simply told about how this, or that is an epidemic or problem? Or would you feel more comfortable if a couple jokes were cracked, and some stories were told? Well whatever your answer is it doesn’t matter. Your audience matters, and even if your […]

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How To Write When It Gets Hard–Getting Over Writers Block

I know that at first writing may seem easy, and fun. Then again it may seem bad, and terrible. Now I don’t think that someone should be forced into writing–I do think that it’s a neccessary skill–but if you hate it don’t force yourself. Unless you know, it’s a school assignment. For us writers, and […]

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Stardew Valley Android Version: One Of The Best Games I’ve Ever Played

There are those games you install then delete. There are games that you play only because your bored, and there are games you enjoy. Stardew Valley is one of those rare games that you never grow tired of. It’s the type of game that helps get you through the day, just because you know that […]

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