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Why People Blog P2

I blog every day I can, because admittedly there are days that I miss. I generally get out 5-6 articles a week though, and some people may think that it’s a waist of time. Well its actually very fun, and let me tell you why people do it in the first place. Blogging, keeping a […]

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Should You Have Paid Access Only Content On Your Site? Yes Or No?

I can tell you right now that this greatly depends on site traffic, and funding. People who own websites are always looking for new ways to get more money for their articles, and posts. One of those ways is paid members only content, and we’re going to discuss if you should have that, yes? Or […]

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The Security Of Social Media’s Possible Anonymity

Many people like to stay anonymous, but 90% of those people still do want their word to be heard. Social Media allows you to stay anonymous, and most social media allows you to get your point, and word across. I say most Snapchat is a major social media mogul, but you can’t really get a […]

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Why People Blog P1

Some people (as I have said before) blog for wealth. Some people blog so that they can gain a fanbase, or followers, or subscribers. Some people blog hoping to find listening ears to what they have. To. Say. Well, not me! The reasons behind my blogging are hidden throughout my life, my upbringing, and certain […]

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Why You Should Play Instlife

Lots of people right now like life simulation games. I am one of those people, and I am a mega fan of Instlife. Instlife is very simple, very easy, and constantly updates and improves. You know if you have read this section of my blog that I have 2 things that I go over, and […]

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