The Daily Paragraph

The Daily Paragraph is our bi-daily news article that keeps you up to date with US news, international news, and several other things.

The Daily Paragraph Edition #6

U.S News Jayme Gloss, 13, who was kidnapped by Jake Thomas, 21, has finally been found, and returned after 3 months of being missing. The government shutdown reaches 22 days today. International News Germany Frank Magnitz the chairman for the AfD party was attacked in an “assassination attempt” Opinion: If he is such a powerful […]

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The Daily Paragraph Edition #5

Hello I’m Caden738 bringing you the Daily Paragraph, which as of today is back from its break. U.S News The government shutdown has drug on for 21 days, and Pres. Trump may call for this to be declared a national emergency. The length of this shutdown has broken records, and by the time edition #6 […]

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The Daily Paragraph Edition #4

Hello I’m R.S setter bringing you today’s daily Paragraph. The date is Dec. 31 st New years eve U.S News Elizabeth Warren Sen. Of Massachusetts is now officially running for President 2020. Will she win for the left? Well it’s to soon to say, but probably not. International News Vatican City The Pope’s spokesman, and […]

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The Daily Paragraph Edition #3

I’m Caden738 bringing you todays Daily Paragraph. The date is Dec 29th and Hawaii is great right now, except for Chuck Schumer, and that lady being here. U.S News Not much is in the news except for the government shutdown. With this being its eighth day of the shutdown President Trump is showing that he […]

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The Daily Paragraph Edition #2

Its Dec 27th, and the second edition of the Daily Paragraph. Now its actually every other day, but “daily” sounded better. U.S News In the town of Newman a police officer was murdered. The assailant has not yet been identified-but the main suspect is believed to be an illegal immigrant. The police officer was shot, […]

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