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4 Ways To Tell If Your Parents Are Getting Old & How To Help Them

We all know what “That Age” means. It means that once someone gets too “that age” they may need advanced care of sorts. Whether its special care like live-in nurses, and elderly homes, or just paying more attention too them just in case. Here are 4 ways to tell if your parents are getting too […]

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4 Ways To Make Life Funny

We all need some humor in life. Humor can help us stay happy, healthy, and full of life. Did I mention happy people live longer? “Those with dread, may quickly end up dead”–Caden738, Editor-in-chief of (The site your on now). My life is full of Humor, and I want to show you 4 ways […]

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3 Ways To Set Up A Backup Plan & Why You Should

If I was given the opportunity–right now to drop out of school, and work for a blog, or newspaper I would accept it. Even if I was going to be making less than the average American. That’s because I love writing, and someday I want it to be my full-time job. No matter if I […]

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How To Write When It Gets Hard–Getting Over Writers Block

I know that at first writing may seem easy, and fun. Then again it may seem bad, and terrible. Now I don’t think that someone should be forced into writing–I do think that it’s a neccessary skill–but if you hate it don’t force yourself. Unless you know, it’s a school assignment. For us writers, and […]

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5 Ways To Deal With A Bi-Polar And/Or Depressed Person

Bi-polar disorder, and depression are very common, and hard diseases to handle. They are hard for the sufferer, and they are hard for the person who has to handle them. Many people don’t realize it, but sometimes you shouldn’t just feel sorry for the victim, but also for the ones who have to handle the […]

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