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How Social Media Ruined Kids Perception Of The Real World

Have you ever gone on Twitter, and seen someone with a million followers posting pictures of themselves on a boat, or with a brand-new expansive car? Or anything like that on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, et cetera. Well most of us know that that’s not how life really is. It isn’t glamour, and fortune unless you […]

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6 Things To Do In The Snow

Right now as I write this the entire United states is covered in a pristine white blanket of snow. And I can tell you that a huge majority of people-especially the youth-are sitting inside playing on phones, tablets, or computers. To get them outside you need to have something great that you can do for […]

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How To Accept Defeat

Defeat is something that many people cannot deal with. At all. They convince themselves that they “didn’t actually lose”, and “came out on top in the end”. No, you lost… and if us as a people could only just know how to accept defeat we would all know how it actually benefits us. How It […]

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How To Make A Dog Smarter And More Loyal

Everyone that owns a dog wants a loyal smart one-oh let’s be honest!!! Most people want a dog they can brag about. So, let’s discuss how you can train that loyal dog, but first let’s dig into your Expectations, and then how to make a dog smarter, and more loyal. What Are Your Reasons? What […]

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How to Enjoy A Sick Day in 5 Ways

When your sick your days probably suck. It’s most likely boring sitting at home all day, probably alone. I’ll give your 5 steps to enjoy a sick day. Step 1 Comedy There are hundreds of comedy websites nowadays. You can read which is one of the funniest websites ever, or watch CollegeHumor. Then of […]

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