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Illinois Legalized Pot Today

Illinois is now the 11th state to legalize marijuana. The law allows Illinois citizens to own up to one ounce at a time, or as Snoop Dogg calls it “one puff”. Get it? This new law was signed, and backed by J.B Pritzker, and was even one of his campaign promises. Sales will start Jan. […]

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Florida Mom Arrested After Supposedly Killing Her Step-Father & 7 Year Old

Alyssa Marrie Torres, 29, shot 3 people. Her daughter, her step-father, and her mother. Two of them died, young–innocent–7 year old Amarilyss Martinez, her daughter. And 54-year old Felix Rivera, her step-father. Thank God her mother Marisol Rivera, 53, was rushed to the hospital. With injuries, but we are not sure if they are fatal, […]

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11 Dead On Hawaiian Oahu Plane Crash

11 people have died in a plane crash in Oahu, Hawaii. Those people–primarily in their 20’s–were skydivers, 2 women, 9 males. There were no survivors. The plane was an American-Built miniature utility aircraft according to the Hawaiian department if transportation. “In my 44 years as a firefighter in Hawaii, this is the most tragic incident […]

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91 Year Old Holocaust Surviver Murdered In Hit-And-Run

In Los Angelous a 91 year old Holocaust surviver was murdered by an unknown assailant by hit-and-run. The holocaust survivors name is Gennady Bolotsky. A strange part about the whole thing is the fact that–according to his neighbors–he was hit by a car in the exact same spot 15 years ago, and survived. “He had […]

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What Could Have Been A Tornado Causes Sizable Harm To Texas Church

A church in Texas faced quite a shock earlier today, as what appears to be a tornado blew parts of its roof off. We know that two teenagers who were early for their Youth Group were inside the building when it all happened. As CNN reports: “they watched the roof at Highland Terrace Baptist Church […]

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