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Dead Tacoma Man Identified After 1 Year

Last year an unknown man from Tacoma was found dead on a hillside, in downtown Tacoma. Well it’s been a year, and 3 months but the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office has been able to determine the mans identity, and cause of death. All we know is that he is 40 years old, and died […]

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Pierce County Sex Offender, Gerald Blaisure, Charged

Gerald Thongkum Blaisure, 42, is being charged with 3 counts of Luring, after he nearly hit 3 girls with his car, and then proceeded to try, and lure them into his car. The three girls–one fourteen, two twelve–ran into the store, and told the clerk. (Smart Girls, they were obviously raised right to avoid piece’s […]

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Man Driving Slow On I-5 Hit, And Killed By Truck

A man aged 22 from Granite Falls whose identity is remaining Anonymous was killed today in a car crash. In most car crashes someone was going too fast. However In this case the driver was going incredibly slow, or stopped completely on I-5, when he was rammed by a truck. The Driver died immediately after […]

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Pierce County Man Attempts To Murder His Girlfriend Because She Returned His Car Too Late

Last wednesday A 54-year old Pierce County resident let his girlfriend, 34, borrow his car. When she took too long borrowing the car he tracked her down on motorcycle, shot at her (Hitting the car), and brutally beat her. Witnesses say they witnessed him pull her over with his motorcycle, using a gun. Dragged her […]

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In Tacoma, Wa All Family Bathroom Signs Need To Be “Gender-Neutral”

Single-occupancy bathroom (Family restroom) signs in Tacoma Wa now need to be gender-neutral. Meaning that the stick figures on the signs cannot show manly, or feminine characteristics. Which is odd, because all I remember is a stick man made out of 5 lines with a dot for a head, and for a girl the same […]

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