Defining a “Bully” and learning how to beat them

A bully is someone who is stronger, and intimidates others (mainly weaker others) to do what they say. But we have blown what that means WAY out of proportion.

Defining a Bully

Some say bullies need to be eliminated. Some say bullies are essential. I say you both know nothing. You see a bully is not necessarily cruel.

What we use the word bully for in situations like school, the more correct word is sadist. A sadist is someone who likes inflicting pain, a bully is someone who intimidates. Most bullies are seen as sadists, but most actually aren’t.

Why they won’t hurt you

When someone is trying to intimidate you then they aren’t able to harm you. If they could Inforce physical damage they would have done it from the get-go . Maybe they’re afraid of other things like authorities. If they haven’t inflicted pain yet they probably wont. But read on just in case.

If your in a situation where bullies actually do inforce pain or your just reading on, but you can’t tell authorities read on and learn how to use advantages and beat them.

Using advantages

If their bigger and stronger you probably think “Hey what advantages do I possibly have” even smart people think this way about bigger opponents. But dont worry you have advantages they dont.

Being Felacious. Something that Felacious is something that’s based on a mistaken belief. Very simply find out where the bully hangs out, and when they are most likely to be there. Then leave an anonymous note to an authority figure to get them to be there at that point and time. Give them a fake excuse like that at that point and time there will be a fight. But that isnt so fake, because before the figure arrives start a fight with the bully. Make yourself appear like the victim, then the authority figure shows up the bigger guy gets in trouble, you Win. But be sure to have a lie made up in advance. Say something like “he hits me every day… he challenged me to a fight, and made it clear if I refused the entire school would make fun of me and hate me.” This would get the bully expelled or fired. which would get rid of your problems or just suspended meaning he will eventually come back to get you. The advantage here is that your small and more believable. It’s very unlikely you would start a fight and they know this. But make sure no teachers, cameras, or snitches are in the area. Except for the bully’s friends. They would never be believed. You might take some punches, but it would give them more suspension or heightens the facts they may be expelled or fired.

Other advantages are very much the same but includ

  1. More trustworthy.
  2. Try to become friends with the person with the highest power, maybe it’s a boss, principle, teacher, manager. Work or school this works.
  3. If the person is temporarily suspended from work or school, make their friends your friends so they cant attack you when they get back, but you can attack them, and again seem innocent. If you start a fight just say “they wanted revenge”

If any of these methods worked please respond or leave a like.