As of January 2020, there are 4.54 billion internet users around the world. No doubt, information about anyone or anything has a higher chance of getting noticed if it is posted on the web. WordPress is an online website creation tool generated for blogs, businesses, and e-commerce. It is used to manage intricate sites for large multinational corporations, micro-businesses, and personal blogs.

Why Use WordPress?

  1. Utilize it any way you want
  2. User-Friendly
  3. Themes present numerous options
  4. Updates available regularly
  5. High search engine visibility
  6. Outline looks good even on mobile devices
  7. Includes a built-in blog
  8. 24/7 WordPress community support

Everybody has this innate need for speed. May it be on the road, on the check-out counter at the grocery, or the loading time of a web page. According to the website KissMetrics, which loaded at a very respectable time, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load about half of the visitors leave.

When this happens, you not only lose possible sales, you also waste time and money spent on trying to get people to notice your website. And if you want to be on top of the list on search engines, you want a website that loads up in a jiff.

With that said, here are 5 of the best and fastest WordPress themes:


Arguably the most popular WordPress themes in the world, Divi is the latest website building platform that eliminates the classic WordPress editor with a more powerful visual editor. It can be easily accessed by both design pros and amateurs as it lets you create amazing designs with very little effort.

Divi is one of the most powerful yet easy to use and customizable WordPress themes out there. It is powered by the Divi page builder, making it one of the most advanced WordPress front-end editors and visual page builders. It is a multi-functional WordPress theme meaning it can be used to develop any type of website imaginable.

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Building websites with Divi is a breeze as it lets anyone build beautiful websites with ease without having to code or install 3rd party plug-ins.

It is an exhaustive design framework that allows you to draft and personalize every detail of your website from scratch. Dictate every specific technicality to create the perfect websites for you and your clients.

It comes with powerful design tools that offer guidance as you strive to make your website a success. Build your marketing lists with pop-ups, promote your website on social media, or increase website conversions, all these features at your disposal.

With its awesome speed and efficiency, Divi is an easy-to-use website builder revered by web design professionals. It is also a leading design application that can help make work not seem like work.

Who Can Use Divi?


Divi makes creating websites for your clients a million times easier because it is faster, and more enjoyable. This theme can help you build anything with the use of a single application instead of shuffling from several other themes.


Now, developing effective websites can be done in a breeze. It simplifies the designing process and boosts team participation. You can build multiple websites and content using a single membership at a very reasonable price.

Website Owners:

Building websites is made effortless and can be used by beginners and website owners. Divi allows you to see your imagination turn into reality. Tons of pre-made designs including its visual editor make it a go-to tool for anyone who has envisioned owning a personal website.

Why Divi?

Drag and Drop Building:

You can add, remove, and move components around on the front page of your website. No coding and no baffling back-end choices.

True Visual Editing:

Compose your page and see the results instantly. Build and personalize with the use of instinctive visual controls.

Custom CSS Control:

You can easily mix Divi’s visual design management with the program’s custom CSS. Divi’s interface may be simple but the options are limitless.

Responsive Editing:

Experience effortless construction of appealing and receptive websites and take full control over your website’s image on mobile devices.

Design Options Galore:

Go crazy with various one-of-a-kind page features and tons of scheme choices. Divi allows its users 100% command over your website.

You Can Save and Manage Your Designs:

Save and maintain unlimited unique designs. You can re-use them to start building new pages, produce advanced design programs, and shape the flow of tasks on your website.

Global Elements and Styles

Control website’s features with the use of comprehensive details and website-wide design framework. Remember that aside from being a website building tool, Divi is also a website design system.

Undo, Redo and Revisions

Easily undo, redo, and revisit your entire editing history. Mistakes with Divi are not fatal. Here are more of its features that website developers should not miss.

Other Reasons:

  • Includes over 800 pre-built website blueprints and more than 100 full website packs.
  • Use themes and plugins on an extensive number of websites without buying additional licenses.
  • WooCommerce approved, world-class support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Generate Press

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that aims for speed and applicability. Aside from it being free, GeneratePress supplies excellent add-ons that boost the theme, providing more options that can help you construct your websites.

GeneratePress has focused on being a lightweight program that can handle most website tasks. Its goal is to offer enough options to personalize a web page while continuing to be light and durable.

Boasting of more than 2.5 million downloads, over 900 5-star reviews, supported by 200,000 plus websites, and a little less than 70,000 satisfied customers, GeneratPress is a formidable force to reckon with in the website building field.

Here are some of its features:

Built-in support for Schema Markup to help you attain better placing and a higher CTR in search engines.

A collection of ready-to-use demo sites to start your WordPress site.

Extremely reactive design that looks great on all devices.

It can be easily translated into multiple languages.

Its light footprint makes your website load exceedingly fast.

Fully supported by the WordPress Theme Customizer, allowing you to make changes to the design easily without writing any codes.

Its advance customization feature lets you remove particular components on pages and posts, create unique layouts by using categories in your page, and allows you to add your own content around several areas in them.

It comes with approval for page builders such as Elementor and Beaver Builder to help you gain higher levels of personalization.

It allows easy customization on each page on your website. Choose whether to display a sidebar and modify the footer widgets for every single post and page.

Why Use GeneratePress?

Secure and Stable:

The program is reviewed individually by the top honchos of the WordPress community and uses updated and most reliable coding measures.

Lightweight at less than 30KB:

New users need as little as less than 30kb to install and launch the program.

Top-tier Speeds:

The miniscule footprint and fresh code contribute to the application’s bullet-speed features.

No Dependencies:

Only the essential programs are included such as javascript to resolve speed issues prevalent in other applications.

Search Engine Optimized:

An approved HTML, a built-in organized data, and speeding bullet loading time, it gives users an advantage with search engines even before the content is created.

Accessibility Ready:

Convenience is important on any website. Standards are followed to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Colors and Typography:

Modify theme colors and composition using the Customizer. Premium version users receive an extended variant, which gives us options to alter almost every seeable element.

Layout Control:

Manage your site layout on desktop or mobile, counting features like padding, margins, and sidebars.

Page Builder Friendly:

Most Page Builder programs go well with GeneratePress. Let your page builder lead the way by using their page layout controls.

Plug-In Compatible:

GeneratePress developers were so fixated with WordPress coding they made sure that most of the plug-ins work with their theme.

Hooks and Filters:

Experience unlimited options and get amused with their broad list of filters and hooks.

Translation and RTL:

The theme is translated into over 20 languages contributed by their large community comprised of users from around the world.


Astra is a customizable theme that is easy to use and can make difficulties in creating a website a thing of the past. It also is one of the fastest loading themes out there, giving GeneratePress a run for its money.

It is 100% free to download and 100% clear of upfront costs but can be extended with reasonably priced add-ons for more personalization options.

With a loading period of as short as half a second, this theme was undoubtedly built for speed. It is also performance-enhanced and takes up very little memory needing a little less than 50KB to load. It uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery, which enhances its lightning-fast ability to load furthermore.

Here are some of its notable features:

It’s compatible with page builders like BeaverBuilder, SiteOrigin, Elementor, and Divi.

Easy to use with its elegant admin interface.

Simple yet amazing designs that suit any type of business that you are in.

Numerous pre-designed and gorgeous starter sites that can be imported.

Customizable without having to input codes. Change patterns using a number of options from the WordPress customizer.

SEO-friendly and

Expandable with hooks and filters that let you design any Astra theme.

Smooth WooCommerce assimilation for constructing online stores.

14-day money-back guarantee if you choose to go Premium.

It offers some of the most amazing WordPress themes on the market.


Science describes schema as a pattern of thought or behavior that fits groups of information and how they are related.

Schema from MyThemeShop is another lightweight WordPress theme which offers a reactive design and allows full modification of your website any way you want, making it a blogger’s best friend.

This theme includes built-in support for reviews that guides you in building awesome looking review pages. Although It might not be as fast as GeneratePress, it is fully equipped with all the weaponry you need to start a blog.

Schema theme includes an SEO-friendly website that’s chic yet simple, state-of-the-art yet user-friendly and loads so fast that your users won’t have time to think of leaving your website.

Handwritten with quality code while staying aware of the best SEO practices, it was forged with a built-in review system and is set up with rich snippet support.

Schema attempts to optimize every code used for it to load websites fast.

Every line of the code has been audited so that the theme would hands-down be the fastest WordPress theme in the market. There are many WordPress SEO themes but none combine the facet of SEO, speed, layout, design, responsiveness, and functionality like the Schema theme does.

Schema gives its users the option of inserting ads easily, which means that you won’t need a 3rd party ad plug-in to insert ads into your blog posts for additional revenue. Go directly to the ad management panel, input the code in one of the pre-designated ad slots, and Voila! Earning from your website is now as easy as 1-2-3.

Multiple customization options are available which can be used to alter the contents and setting of your website. Unlimited color options, pattern and footer selection, and extensive sidebars are just a few of the options available. A performance tab, not seen in other themes, helps make this an even faster theme when it comes to loading pages.

Here are a few of its features that you shouldn’t miss:

It boasts of an extremely reactive design that can easily adapt to any screen size.

It lands with an Ad Management panel to, as the name states, help you manage the ads on your website with ease.

Schema is one of the few themes that come translation-ready, meaning that this theme can be used to fashion a multilingual website.

It is backed by Google Fonts allowing you to choose from a long list of Google fonts you would like to parade on your website.

No need for additional plugins for linked posts since it comes with built-in support for them.

It supports secondary navigation devices that disclose the user’s whereabouts in a website or web application.

It enables Google to show a star rating in your search result whenever you post a review.


OceanWP is an extremely useful WordPress theme that allows you to construct beautiful looking websites that is absolutely 100% free. OceanWP prides itself on being the most user-friendly in addition to being able to import ready-to-use demo sites with a single click using the free import extension.

The free version comes with 7 free extensions while the Premium version comes with 11, all giving the users the power to extend the theme further.

Here’s a list of the 7 free extensions acquired at the onset:

  1. Modal Window
  2. Posts Slider
  3. Demo Import
  4. Custom Sidebar
  5. Product Sharing
  6. Social Sharing
  7. Ocean Extras

Now here’s what you get when you opt for the Premium version:

  1. Popup Login
  2. Instagram
  3. Whitelabel
  4. Portfolio
  5. Woo Popup
  6. Sticky Footer
  7. Ocean Hooks
  8. Elementor Widgets
  9. Side Panel
  10. Sticky Header
  11. Footer Callout

Here’s a list of this theme’s more important features:

Fully receptive to modifications that allow it to fit any screen size.

Built-in SEO which is better for indication and search rankings

WooCommerce and eCommerce app ready

Built-in WordPress customizer alternatives

State-of-the-art Mega Menu

Backs popular page builders like Elementor

Single click easy-to-use themes

A slow-loading website will result in most of your visitors bouncing to other sites which may result in losses in income, as well as a drop in search engine rankings. Also, to have a larger possibility of transforming page visits to subscribers or customers, it would help if your website can load faster than the others.

According to, a website that lags is not only recognized as low-quality, but there is also a 20% chance that web users would avoid visiting the site again.

If you want your website to load up fast to be able to secure a respectable spot in search engine results, you will need a WordPress theme that is not only eye candy but is also stylish and most importantly, built for speed. Your chosen WordPress theme will have an enormous effect on how fast your website loads.

Because your theme offers a plethora of features, is filled with scripts and resources, and appears with tons of low-quality code, your website’s speed will be horribly effected.

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