Reaching 1000 people on Facebook is a huge accomplishment for most bloggers. And you can do it for only $5 with this FB Ad Guide.

Reaching 1000 people on Facebook could mean that you’re getting 100 link clicks, 50 comments, and 250 likes.

But sometimes you just don’t have all the followers you need to reach those 1000 people. Sometimes you need ads.

But Facebook Ads can be expensive and ineffective if you don’t set them up the right way.

If you do it bad enough than $5 may only get you 5 likes, and 3 link clicks. But I want to show you how to reach 1,000 people for only $5.

Reaching 1000 People On Facebook For Only $5

Obviously the first thing you need is $5.

Then just set up a Facebook Ads Account which you can do by Clicking Here.

Also incase you don’t already have one you’ll need a Facebook Page. You can’t run ads from a Facebook Account, only a Facebook Page.

To find out how to set up a Facebook Page Click This Link Here.

After creating an Account your going to want to click “Create New Campaign” (Which may be a Green Plus sign if you use the Facebook Ads App Click Here To Download The Android Version, Here For IOS)

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FB Ad Guide For The App (Scroll Down For The Guide For The Site)

Then after you click that decide what you want. The Options are listed below:

For this your going to want to Click Boost A Post.

Then decide which post you want to boost. Choose one that has a Link to an Article that you really think is awesome.

In other words: The best article available.

Then Click Next and create your Target Audience.

These are the people who will see your ad.

Choosing your audience is what will help determine how much you pay per engagement, so you’ll want to choose very good.

But we’ll get to that, later. (By “Later” I mean below the FB Ad Guide for the Site)

FB Ad Guide For The Site (Scroll Down For Tips On Creating Your Audience)

First things first: once your logged in click “Create Ad”.

Then choose which page you want to create an ad for.

Decide which type of promotion you want to create:

For this one click Boost Your Post.

Then choose which post you want to boost. And choose the best one.

Then all you need to do is Set Up Your Audience.

Creating An Audience For A Facebook Ad

Before we go to deep into the details let’s discuss Countries and their value.

By this I mean What Country Do You Want To Reach?

Some countries like the UK, and US are more expensive than places like Iran, and especially India.

Traffic is so cheap in India that you can get thousands of views, likes, shares, etc. For only $5.

How Do I Know? Look Below:

That was a Test I did to see how many Likes and the such i could get from India for only $5

But You Don’t Necessarily Want Traffic From Cheap Traffic Countries

“Why? Traffic Is Traffic” Is something I’ve heard time, and time again.

Because there’s a reason that traffic is so cheap!

Its because you can’t make much money on Ads with people from India, China, Iraq, Iran, and all the others.

1000 views from India is the equivalent to 50-100 from the U.S Monetarily. Ads Pay Higher, and people from the U.S are more likely to purchase stuff from your E-Store.

Specifically because your E-Store–if your a smaller blog–isnt international and you can only sell to people in the U.S.

Getting U.S Ad Traffic

You’ll want a Primo Audience.


Let’s say your creating an ad for an Article you wrote called “7 Ways To Get An Idea For A Blog Post“, well then your audience would be centered around Bloggers, and Writers.

So the Keywords–Or “Interests” you’d want to add would need to be Blog Related.

They can be as simple as “Blogging”, and “Writing”, or as complex as “Writing About Writing” (Yes that’s a real Keyword that 1.7 Million people added)

Here’s A List For Writing Keywords:

Then after your all done with adding Keywords you’ll want to choose an Age Group.

If your article is about Blogging than what age group do you believe enjoys Blogging? Fashion? What age group is interested in fashion.

When it comes to blogging I’d say your age Group is 18-35. But feel free to make your age Group wider if your Total Audience isn’t big enough.

“Total Audience?”

Yes Total Audience. It’s the amount of Total People you can reach. It cant be above 100 Million, or Below 1,000.

Try to get your total Audience at a minimum of 30,000,000 people. (That’s 30 Million)

The Bigger your Audience the cheaper your ad.

Then decide your Delivery Optomization.

This is where you can decide how much you want to pay. Or you can just leave it ad Automatic and let Facebook Decide. To reach 1,000 People for only $5 you don’t want to pay more than 10 Cents per engagement.

You can set your Big for as low as 0.01 if you like, but then it may take longer for your ad to complete.

Or You Can Do Something Else:

Click “Daily Unique Reach”, then click “Manuel”. You’ll see a message saying “Enter A Bid Based On What 1,000 Impressions Are Worth To You”.

These are impressions. But not engagements. So 1,000 people will see your ad, but not necessarily Like, Comment, Click the Link Attached, or Share it. But you may be able to get 1,000 Impressions for only $2-3.

Final Thoughts:

Just remember not to get your Hope’s to high. Facebook ads can triple your expectations, and they can crush them.

And just because you reach 1,000 people it doesn’t mean that you’ll get 1,000 link clicks. To do that make sure that you have:

A) An Great Intriguing Title, and

B) A Great Caption. (That’s the message on the post)

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