The most technical bloggers want to do a site audit. They want to see what keywords they have, how good their SEO is, and just get a better insight on their site. That’s what a SEO analysis tool is. And in this article we will introduce you to the best FREE SEO Analysis tools.

But the issue is that many of these tools cost money. Maybe it’s a couple hundred a year, maybe its $10-$299 a month. Its possibly Very pricey.

So we want to tell you about the two best free SEO analysis tools, that won’t cost you a dime! And why you should do a site audit.

The Best Free SEO Analysis Tools Are…

1. Neil Patels Site Analyzer

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Any Blogger that has done research about SEO, Marketing, or anything else Blog-improvement Related has run into Neil Patel.

(After all, Neil does rank for 950,000+ Keywords In that Niche)

Neil’s very accurate–and Free site analysis tool will tell you many things, like:

  • How many keywords you rank for
  • Your site speed
  • Your SEO Score
  • Any Major/Minor Red Flags on your site (Plus Recommendations)
  • How Many Backlinks you have
  • Your Sites Health

The only inaccurate part of Neil’s Site Analyzer is the fact that it wrongly predicts how much traffic you get.

But to be honest there isn’t a single tool that will accurately tell you how much traffic a website gets.

2. The Moz Domain SEO Analysis Tool

The Moz Domain SEO Analysis Tool–which by the way is their name for it–is more for, eh, Technical Bloggers. (Read: Pro Bloggers)

Moz will give you the average Site Audit Stuff:

  • Domain Authority
  • Linking Root Domains, And
  • Keywords You Rank For


They’ll also tell you your “Spam Score”, and give you more details about the Keywords you rank for, and the sites that link to you.

Firstly a Spam Score represents how much of the stuff on your site other sites get Banned from Google For. So It might help you change some stuff that may get your site banned from Google.

To learn more about Spam Scores Click Here.

Secondly Data. Neil Patel will tell you What Backlinks you have.

Moz will tell you all that Too, but they’ll also tell you how many Backlinks, you’ve lost, and which of those backlinks are the strongest.

NOTE: This is the only free tool on Moz. Other Tools On Their Site Will Cost Your Money.

Why You Should Do A Free SEO Analysis

It’s quite obvious to both the most educated Bloggers out there, and anyone that actually read this Article: To improve your site, and make sure you don’t have a high “Spam Count” and get Banned From Google.

Doing a site audit tells you what you need to improve and how good your already doing. Certain Things on your site may be holding you back! A Site Audit Tells you this.

Plus, it’s free with these platforms. And it only takes what? 5 minutes? I’m sure you have 5 Minutes.


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This post was last modified on June 25, 2020 10:18 AM