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One of the worlds highest grossing apps is not as active as you would think. Game of War is an app with over 50 million downloads, so with this many downloads how could this app be dead? Well I can tell you from the perspective of someone who used to play consistently, and daily that app is dead.

When I first started playing it was really cool. 300 billion power was an achievement, every alliance was active, connections were made, and everyone was active. What made someone active is when they would attack, defend, make enemies, make friends, talk on the kingdom, and alliance chatrooms. I know this sounds weird, but people formed strong bonds. Of course this game was freemium though, so we made some $10 $20, and occasional $50 purchases.

Purchases is where this story gets interesting. Over time $100 Purchases became for relevant for the average player. Then I heard something I never guessed I would have heard, I heard of a “Prince” who would drop $20,000 a day. Now you can guess how that surprised me, the guy who would spent $20 a week. Eventually people like him took over. I would always see people on the chatroom who would brag about spending thousands, and buying all the new upgrades.

The upgrades are also a key point. Every single game has some new upgrades, and some new random thing. Game of War was always adding new troops, and items, and upgrades to buildings. It has gotten so complex, and it just keeps getting more complex. And the only way to stay up-to-date was to get all the new upgrades, and the only way to get the new upgrades was to buy the $100 packs.

Then addiction kicked in. I was spending $100 here, and there. By the time it wore off, the game was so expensive tons of people had quit. Then more people quit. And more, and more. Now there is no activity in the kingdom chatrooms, and no activity in most alliance chatrooms. No one is ever online. The reason of the games death is very simple it cost so much normal people have lost interest. Rich people own the game now, and that “Prince” apparently pays for everyone in his alliance, and keeps them afloat.

Quick Note

No one deletes the game, even though they’ve stopped playing. Why would you delete a game you’ve spent so much money on? Yeah you have an account, but why should you delete the app? It makes no sense.


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