How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated

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How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated

How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated i think it’s not the problem of yours it’s the problem of all people that are living all over the world.

I remember when I was younger… I had spent months convincing my family to let me build a website, and maintain several social media accounts for our family business. It took months. Yet at the end of the day I succeeded in convincing them, and they paid me $50 a week to post on social media frequently, too maintain the site, and keep a healthy blog for their store going.

I made $50 a week, and eventually talked my way up to $70.

I spent–as I’ve said twice–months convincing them. I’d guess about 8-10 months. And just for $50 a week. When I finally succeeded I felt like a success, and when I got to $70 I felt even more successful.

Note: Please keep in mind I was only 13, or 14 at the time. Money seemed to be worth more.

I spent weeks perfecting the site, and I made consistent updates. I kept the blog healthy, and I got the Facebook page to 300+ follows, & likes. I guess you could say I was an amateur. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care. The fact is I put tons of time into something for a small amount of Cash.

Then my cousin (Let’s call him “John”) got a job from my Grandmother (who was the main reason I was able to get the site, and social pages up, and get paid for them) as a babysitter. I though “Cool, OK”.

Then I found out that it wasn’t 7 days a week like what I was doing, just 3, and again I said “Cool, OK”. Then I found out he wasn’t an actual babysitter, he sat and watched TV, and played on his phone for 6-10 hours while my cousin (Whom he was babysitting) played X-Box in the other room, and ate Crackers. I thought “Wow… how much are you making for this?”.

He was making $60-100 every day, for doing nothing. That’s $180-300 a week, $720-1,200 a month for doing nothing. In other words he makes more in a good month than I do in 4, and a half months. For nothing.


This Was Crappy, Yes, But It Motivated Me

This was so unfair to me, so horrible. It’s like when a 50-year old man spends his entire life creating a company, then some idiot trust-fund kid inherits one twice the size of the 50-year old mans.

Definition Of Blog And Reality

Make Website On Free Of Cost

I spent so much time to build what I had built, and he shattered that (Monetery comparison wise) by simply sitting on a couch for 6-10 hours a day, 3 days a week.

I said to myself “This Isn’t fair”, and I was angry. Then after a couple hours of research, and quite honestly pouting I decided to get serious with H2DI. I decided that I would work hard for as long as it takes to make this company more successful than he would ever be.

I Had Winning On My Mind

I’ve always loved Buisness for as long as I can remember. Well actually first I wanted to be a geologist, then I wanted to be a lawyer, then a vet. Eventually I settled on entrepreneurship. And I stuck with it. I considered it a competition between me, my cousins, and my sister.

Who Would Be The Most Successful

So far it’s still undecided.

My Net Worth: Around $50,000

Cousin 1 Net Worth: Estimated At 10,000

Cousin 2 Net Worth: $3,000 Or Less

Sister: $5,000-10,000

It’s not Much. But Consider This:

My Age: 14-20

Cousin 1 Age: 16-20

Cousin 2 Age: 13-20

Sister Age: 13-20

I Gave You Only Ideas Of Our Age For Privacy Reasons.

Now that you know my age is somewhere from 14-20 years old how does that roughly $50K net worth sound now?

I Was Motivated To Be Successful By Wanting To Win, & Be The Most Successful. I Don’t Care About Gucci Bags, Or Lamborghini’s. I Want To Be Successful Simply So That I Am Successful, And I Love Buisness. I Would Rather Have A Successful Buisness I Built Myself Than A 2-level Cargo Container Filled With Brand-New Mustang Cars Whose Glove Compartments Are Filled With Cash. I Don’t Think Its Fair To Be Given More Than The Person Who Worked Harder, And That Gies Both Ways. I Don’t Want An Unfair Advantage. I Want To Be Self Made.

I think now your all confusion is clear abotu How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated if you have still any questions you can ask in the comments box below.

That’s What Motivates Me

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11 thoughts on “How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated

  1. Cute story. It’s interesting what motivates us. I for instance will write for free if it’s about something I love and believe in. Give me a boring topic and big bucks are required. Love your blog.

    1. Well what do you love & believe in? I’d love it if you would want to write me a guest post, and if it does well on my blog then we could work out a deal where I start paying you for a certain amount of articles each month. Coincidentally I just fired one of my freelance writers. He said he was a pro, but his writing wasn’t very good. It was horrific. Long story short: I kept him on as a writer because I didn’t have the heart to fire him, I just edited his articles for him to make them readable. Until I finally had enough. But your writings seem amazing (I checked out your blog), and I would love for you to become a recurring writer on my site. To continue this conversation please contact me at Thanks & Have A Great Day.

  2. Cute story. It’s interesting what motivates us. I for instance will write for free if it’s about something I love and a good cause. Give me a boring topic, and big bucks are required. Love your blog.!

  3. Great share. I may have been the Manager of my mom’s business but I never charged extra for my work on the internet presence of the company. I thought I was doing it all for the overall revenue of the business but after realising that i treated the company like it was mine but I was not treated like a partner. I left the company.

  4. One thing that I have found to be true over my 10+ years of being a manager, is that the people who want the easy job, don’t learn the skills necessary to thrive in a competitive environment.

    Even if they make more money, they don’t learn the value of it. They are the first ones to lose everything when life takes a turn their not expecting.

    I’ve always valued life experience over money though, so taking the easy way seemed like a waste of time.

    Money is fleeting but skills and experience transfer over from one aspect of your life to the next.

    Kudos to you for buckling down and keeping yourself self-motivated.

    1. You know I actually have a point-of-view very similar. Because taking the easy way just means your more likely to crash, and burn. I don’t want that, I want to succeed.

      And I believe that the Internet, and websites are one of the most competitive areas after technology. There’s always a new website, and theirs always a thousand new posts in your niche you have to compete with. Millions of Sites are fighting for certain high ranking keywords. That’s what I call competitive.

      So Technology, Internet, and Websites are where you need the most experience to succeed. You cant weasel through it, you have to put hard work into it. You need to work hard to even get 20 views a day. Getting 20,000 a day may kill you, but if you succeed it might be worth it.

      1. Your 100% correct.

        The one other thing you have to have to last is passion. If you don’t love some aspect of your job, then you will never make it through those tough patches.

        That’s why I don’t have any problems writing everyday, because I love to write.

        It’s the one thing I’ve been committed to for the last 15 years.

        Looks like you found your passion too. I think your going to get far in this industry, good luck.

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