How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated

How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated

How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated

How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated i think it’s not the problem of yours it’s the problem of all people that are living all over the world.

I remember when I was younger… I had spent months convincing my family to let me build a website, and maintain several social media accounts for our family business. It took months. Yet at the end of the day I succeeded in convincing them, and they paid me $50 a week to post on social media frequently, too maintain the site, and keep a healthy blog for their store going.

I made $50 a week, and eventually talked my way up to $70.

I spent–as I’ve said twice–months convincing them. I’d guess about 8-10 months. And just for $50 a week. When I finally succeeded I felt like a success, and when I got to $70 I felt even more successful.

Note: Please keep in mind I was only 13, or 14 at the time. Money seemed to be worth more.

I spent weeks perfecting the site, and I made consistent updates. I kept the blog healthy, and I got the Facebook page to 300+ follows, & likes. I guess you could say I was an amateur. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care. The fact is I put tons of time into something for a small amount of Cash.

Then my cousin (Let’s call him “John”) got a job from my Grandmother (who was the main reason I was able to get the site, and social pages up, and get paid for them) as a babysitter. I though “Cool, OK”.

Then I found out that it wasn’t 7 days a week like what I was doing, just 3, and again I said “Cool, OK”. Then I found out he wasn’t an actual babysitter, he sat and watched TV, and played on his phone for 6-10 hours while my cousin (Whom he was babysitting) played X-Box in the other room, and ate Crackers. I thought “Wow… how much are you making for this?”.

He was making $60-100 every day, for doing nothing. That’s $180-300 a week, $720-1,200 a month for doing nothing. In other words he makes more in a good month than I do in 4, and a half months. For nothing.


This Was Crappy, Yes, But It Motivated Me

This was so unfair to me, so horrible. It’s like when a 50-year old man spends his entire life creating a company, then some idiot trust-fund kid inherits one twice the size of the 50-year old mans.

Definition Of Blog And Reality

Make Website On Free Of Cost

I spent so much time to build what I had built, and he shattered that (Monetery comparison wise) by simply sitting on a couch for 6-10 hours a day, 3 days a week.

I said to myself “This Isn’t fair”, and I was angry. Then after a couple hours of research, and quite honestly pouting I decided to get serious with H2DI. I decided that I would work hard for as long as it takes to make this company more successful than he would ever be.

I Had Winning On My Mind

I’ve always loved Buisness for as long as I can remember. Well actually first I wanted to be a geologist, then I wanted to be a lawyer, then a vet. Eventually I settled on entrepreneurship. And I stuck with it. I considered it a competition between me, my cousins, and my sister.

Who Would Be The Most Successful

So far it’s still undecided.

My Net Worth: Around $50,000

Cousin 1 Net Worth: Estimated At 10,000

Cousin 2 Net Worth: $3,000 Or Less

Sister: $5,000-10,000

It’s not Much. But Consider This:

My Age: 14-20

Cousin 1 Age: 16-20

Cousin 2 Age: 13-20

Sister Age: 13-20

I Gave You Only Ideas Of Our Age For Privacy Reasons.

Now that you know my age is somewhere from 14-20 years old how does that roughly $50K net worth sound now?

I Was Motivated To Be Successful By Wanting To Win, & Be The Most Successful. I Don’t Care About Gucci Bags, Or Lamborghini’s. I Want To Be Successful Simply So That I Am Successful, And I Love Buisness. I Would Rather Have A Successful Buisness I Built Myself Than A 2-level Cargo Container Filled With Brand-New Mustang Cars Whose Glove Compartments Are Filled With Cash. I Don’t Think Its Fair To Be Given More Than The Person Who Worked Harder, And That Gies Both Ways. I Don’t Want An Unfair Advantage. I Want To Be Self Made.

I think now your all confusion is clear abotu How Can I Be Always Positive And Motivated if you have still any questions you can ask in the comments box below.

That’s What Motivates Me

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