Writing a book can be a very profitable thing. But how easy is it to write a book? More importantly how hard is it to write a book.

The point of this article is to discuss both of those points. Both their pros, their cons, and all in between. Also things such as certain Genres.

How Easy Is Writing A Book:

Writing a book can be easy because it’s your domain. Because it’s your topic, and its characters that you create.

Many writers actually fall in love with their Characters.

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It can also be easy because some people really enjoy writing, and when you love something it just gets easier, and if you love writing enough then writing a book may make you happier.

How Hard Is Writing A Book

I’ve known many writers here in the Blogosphere. Some of them have written hundreds or even thousands of articles.

But they just can’t write a book.

Others have written tens of articles. Not Tens of thousands… tens. As in less than a hundred articles. And they’ve pumped out a book.

Writing an E-Book and promoting it across your site is one of the main way Bloggers make money (besides Ads, & E-Commerce), some people just can’t do it.

A big part of writing a book depends on your personality, and work ethic.

Another really hard part is finding a Publisher. Sure you can always self-publish!… for at least $2-10,000. That’s another thing: Its Expensive.

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Dont forget how hard it is sticking to a topic. Many authors will just make a book entitled something like: “25 Ways *Enter Here* Is Great!”, and then include 25 separate articles about why *Enter Here* is great, instead of 25 intertwined chapters.

Sticking to a topic is also why most people don’t write novels. They simply can’t stick to a certain set of Charectors.

General Reasons (In Short) It Can Be Hard:

1. You just cant stick to one topic or storyline for to long. Many writers can’t prolong something enough to fill an entire book (50,000-120,000 words). They instead choose to get it all out through one, or at the most a series of articles/short stories.

2. Time, Reason 1: writing a book takes time. It may take you a week to get one chapter out of the way. A book should have around 50-120,000 Words. That means that each Chapter should have no more than 10,000 words, no less than 3,000. You should get at least one chapter out every week. That’s 500-1,500 words a day.

3. Time, Reason 2: Writing a book often takes up just enough time to interfere. 500-1,500 words a day can be anywhere from 1-3 (Maybe 5+) hours.

Reasons It Can Be Hard Writing A Novel:

1. Plots, & Charectors. Writing a Novel requires human-like characters that intrigue and pull-in the readers. They also need intricate plots that–as I said–intrigue the readers.

2. Not Knowing General Guidelines. Books follow certain Guidlines. Plots need to lower tensions, and gain tensions at certain times. Certain books, & certain Genres shouldn’t exceed certain amounts of words (Childrens Novel 55-75,000 Words, adults novel 90-120,000+ Words).

3. Not Knowing Enough About Your Genre. To write an adventure book you’d better study adventure books. Same goes for Fantasy, and other genres. You need to read endless amounts of the type of book your planning on writing. You also need to study certain things to make sure that your books are factually correct, and may need to implicate a certain writing style.

Reasons It Can Be Hard Writing A Help Book:

NOTE: A Help Book is any type of book that offers advice on anything.

1. Knowing what your talking about. To write a help book you need to actually know what the f*ck your talking about. It’s that simple. I’ve seen people who’ve never had a problem in life write books about overcoming something, trying to imply that they’ve actually had to overcome something other than an over-cooked steak in their life. In short: Have Experience in your genre.

2. Making It Too Long. Most people won’t finish help books. It’s just a fact. That’s why they need to be shorter than average books. 20-30,000 words is long enough.

So Your Asking: “Should I Write A Book?”

If you read this article its obvious your asking yourself that question. That’s why I’ve provided 10 Questions down below, and I need you to answer Yes, or No to each one. And be sure to keep track of how many times you’ve said Yes.

1. Do You Enjoy Reading? Yes. No.

2. Do You Enjoy Writing? Yes. No.

3. Is Sticking To Certain Characters, Or Storylines Hard For You? Yes. No.

4. Let’s Be Honest: Could You Write Something Longer Than 50,000 Words? Yes. No.

5. Could You Ever Fall In Love With A Character You’ve Created? (Not Infatuation-Type Love, Just Pure Enjoyment-Type Love) Yes. No.

6. Are You A Well Of Knowledge? Or A Smart, Hardworking Person In General? (BE HONEST) Yes. No.

7. Do You Write Because You Want Tons Of Money? Yes. No.

8. Do You Write Because You Want To Make A Living? Yes. No.

9. Could You Form An Intricate Plot? Yes. No.

10. Could You Be Brutally Honest In Your Help Even If It Might Hurt Someones Feelings? Yes. No.

First of all before I tell you how we’re going to determine if you should write a book answer this last question: Did You Say “Yes” to No. 7? If so, then no your not fit out to be a writer under any circumstances.

True Writers write from the heart, not for riches. They simply want a living. True writers write for Recognition, not super-star Money, & Fame.

Answer Guide:

If You Answered “Yes” on at least 4 of the answers numbered: 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 then you should write a help book.

If You Answered “Yes” on at least 5 of the answers numbered: 1, 3, 5, 8, 9 & 10 then you should write a novel.

For those that answered “Yes” to any 6 of these questions (other than No. 7) but still don’t fit in with the terms up Above then you should write a book, but its type is yet to be determined. Your more of a Freestyle writer.

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