How Important is a featured Image on a blog post. You might as well ask how important is a featured Image in general. On a blog, on a YouTube channel, a twitter account, a Facebook page. They’re all the same.

How Important Is A Featured Image On A Blog Post

A featured image is very important.

Easily a 7 out of 10 on the range of importance. Why?

Because a featured Image is a first impression. It determines whether or not someone will even click your Article, or video to begin with.

You want a clean-cut, simple image that will attract viewers. To doso Follow these simple steps:

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1. Make Words Bold

If your image features Words then make sure to make them big, bold, and easy to read. This is one of the most important aspects of a featured photo!

You don’t want to make them say “What? What-What Does That Say”, or strain their eyes.

Strained eyes means they can’t read your friggin’ Article or watch your video. That’s the equivalent of stabbing someone in the hand, and then telling them to use a hammer.

Am I over exaggerating? Yes. But am I really? Yes, move on.

2. Make The Image Clear

Here are 2 images

On the Left a beautiful, lime-green tree. On the right the same tree but it’s a darker, blurry, grainy, and crappy.

You’ll always want to make sure that your images aren’t Grainy, Blurry, and crappy. Because you want an elegant clean photo to attract the viewer in, and the blurry one is less likely to pull in the fish (so to speak).

3. Use A Person

Again here are two images:

They both depict the same thing: A women reading a newspaper. But one is more relatable, and familiar.

The bottom one which depicts an actual Women is more likely to bring in views–whether you’re a women or a man–because she’s real.

Real people draw more views than cartoons unless its TV. Because of (as I said) familiarity, and a real person is more relatable.

I know I’m repeating myself here, but its Essential.

How Important Is A Featured Image In Other Ways

Well because it’s the cornerstone of your Video, Article, Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram, and whatever the heck else becomes internationally popular that you use.

The featured image–even if your not in it–depicts you, and how much you actually care about the Article you wrote, or video you made.

Who do you think put more time into their article? The man with a Crappy photo that looks like her just quickly screenshoted it, and placed it on his Article?

Or the one that downloaded his photo, edited it, cropped it, and made it look nice?

Which school do you want to send your child to?

The one that’s rundown, or the one that has new floors and a brand-new paint job?

I understand that the Nicer School may have less devoted, educated teachers, and the man with the bad image might have a more knowledgeable Article.

I do understand.

But do you think the general population cares?

Most people want the best, and don’t settle for less if they don’t have to.

They’ll take an Article from The New York Times, rather than The Bonney Lake Chronicle even if the incident happened in Bonney Lake simply because The New York Times is more popular and looks nicer.

So likewise they’d rather Click on a Clear, relatable image instead on an Article than a Grainy, Cartoon. Because it’s better quality.

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