As many bloggers do I have been doing my research about making a living off of my blog. We all ask the question: “how many monthly views does my blog need to make money” at least once. When I first started I didn’t think it was hard, I was wrong… but now I know it’s a lot easier than I have grown to believe. Still it’s not as easy as what I first thought, but I’ll take what I can get.

Every one of these articles starts out the same: “You don’t need 100,000 or a millions page views to make a living blogging”, they don’t all go much deeper than that though. Lots of there articles are crap, and very uninformed. The truth is this: 20,000 Pageviews a month can bring you a couple thousand dollars per month. You cant be lazy though. Let me show you 4 WAYS to make that MONEY.

4. Get Off Your a*s, And Write A Book!!!

Writing a book, and self-publishing can help you promote your site in the first place.

  • Write a 10 chapter book
  • Post it on Amazon, or as an Ebook
  • Put your site domain in the book several times

That makes you money, and advertises your site. Plus when your site starts receiving good traffic–or if it already is–you can push book sales.

For help on this part scroll down to my “Lets Help You Now” section below the list.

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3. Help Others Sell

There are thousands of sites that pay you to be an affiliate. Let me just explain that simply: Put a link on your site that leads to a product in an online store, then if someone who clicked your link makes a purchase you make that $$$. You can affiliate a $100 product on Amazon, and make $10 if it sells.

Down below the list you will see my “Let’s Help You Now” section that will help you with the affiliate stuff.

2. Don’t Link Write

Instead of just placing an affiliate link on your site how about you write a post about that product?…. and then include a link….

With being more informative on the product you are more likely to get someone to click the link, and buy it.

You know where to scroll with help on this…

1. Ads

Like I said 20,000 Page views can help you if you have your site setup with ads. If your a wordpress user you probably have WordAds, and while those are good, and have almost no rules–as long as your site isn’t porn–you should find an ad network that pays more. To use another ad network though you will need to download plugins, which are only available with the $300 a year plan.

I hate Google adsense. Their rates always go down, their rules always change. Your always f*cking censored! (Like down below if you get the joke) Google adsense is inconvenient, and they try to control the blogs they work with, so Go for

Let’s Help You Now

Here are the things I’ll help you with

  • Advertising a book on your site, and advertising your site in a book (Scroll To “Book“)
  • Correctly placing affiliate links, and finding the correct affiliate program. (Scroll To “Affiliate”)
  • Writing sponsored posts, and how often to write them (Scroll To “Writing”)
  • Ad placement (“Scroll To “Ads)


OK, so on your book on the front cover it will probably say “Written By *Enter Name Here*” DON’T. Have your book say “Written By *Enter Name Here* From *Enter Sore Domain Here*. They don’t even have to purchase your book to see your sites domain, they just need to see the author.

Advertising your book on your site.

Randomly after about 3 paragraphs on your article, or story–whatever your writing about–place a little, two, or three sentence Paragraph in bold that says “If Your Enjoying This, Then Consider Purchasing My Book On Blogging Expertice ‘*Enter Book Name Here*'”. Then also place that at the end of your post. If you’ll scroll down to the bottom of this post you will see a bunch of words in bold, and options to follow me, and my writers on Twitter, subscribe, etc. Just do something like that.


The most popular affiliate is Amazon. You go there sign up, place a link, someone clicks the link, if they purchase you make some money. It’s not that simple though. Being an Amazon affiliate doesn’t work for every site. I’m signing up for The fiverr affiliate program, and to find one it’s as simple as searching “Best Affiliate Programs”, here are the 3 best ones the internet has to offer…

  1. ClickBank
  2. MaxBounty
  3. ShareASale


Well it’s a lot like advertising a book. Once every article, or post just have a couple sentences in bold that say “If you like this article you can click this link, and have one written for you by an expert author on”. Mention your affiliate of their big: Amazon, Fiverr, Google, they’re all trusted so let then know that that’s where the link leads.


Writing a sponsored post is easy. 5 very detailed paragraphs talking about how helpful the product is, and at the end of every paragraph a link that leads to the product. And don’t forget to have at least one photo of the product per two/three Paragraphs with a caption that’s cheerful, and happy. To do this you will most likely need to be signed up for an affiliate program, unless a company approaches you and asks them to write a sponsored post for them. In that case you’ll make money no matter what.


Did you know that sometimes more ads leads to less money?

Don’t show more than 3 ads per article, or page per ad program. It can have a bad effect on your CPC, and RPM. That means less money in the end. I place one ad in the header of my site (a ad), and then I have two more ads placed together somewhere in the article. Remember that a lot of people wont finish your article, and may only scroll through it, so place your ads in the first 3 Paragraphs.

With 20,000 Page Views A Month You Can Push 10-100 Book Sales, Make Up To $2,000 A Month In Ads, And Anywhere from $10 To $3,000 In Affiliate Links, And Sponsored Posts!!!

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