Are you looking for how much money can you make by blogging in 2019 but you are confused that is online earning is possible or not? then this article will help you to clarify your all doubts.

How much bloggers earn varies greatly on their views. But E-Commerce & Book Sales, Donations & Tips, and Ads can all be drastically different from blogger too blogger. So let’s talk about this so I ca give you an idea of how much bloggers earn, and also how to earn more.

How Much Bloggers Earn From Ads

Ah, Ads. The thing that every young blogger thinks is going to make them rich. Well then you probably won’t be happy when you find out that the average blogger makes less than $3.50 USD a day.

How Much Money Can You Make By Blogging In 2019

There are many things that help determine how much money you make ffrom Ads. The top 2 determining factors are:

  • Ad Provider
  • Country Where You Receive The Most Views

Ad Provider:

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One of the most famous Ad Providers is–obviously–Google Ads. Everyone assumes that since its Google you must make good money, right?

Actually Yes, but the messed up part is that Google Ads changes their policies so much, and they Kick so many sites, and blogs that your blog may not last 3 months with Google Ads unless you receive thousands of views-per-day.

I’ve recieved my Best results with Infolinks, and Please Note: I will receive commission if you sign up after clicking those links.

To get more money from your ads go through all the Ad Providers you can, an choose the one that pays the best, and works the best.

Try to find the Provider with the best CPC, and CPM.


CPC: Cost-Per-Click. How much you get paid everytime sosomeone clicks an ad on your site.

CPM: Cost-Per-Impression: How much money you get paid everytime someone views an Ad on your site.

(NOTE 1: Wait at least 3-4 weeks before changing your ad provider, as it can take 3-4 weeks before the ads on your site integrate, and you start making more money)

(NOTE 2: Certain Ad providers don’t pay yout for both CPC, and CPM. Some may only pay you only for every Impression an Ad gets)


The most valuable viewers (Ad Wise) come from The United States, Canada, and the UK. The least valuable views (Ad Wise) Come from Mexico, India, and the smaller African Countries.

Your site could receive 1,000 U.S views a day, and profit more than a site that receives 3,000 Indian views a day.


Well think of it this way: When you see ada on a Website what are they for? The most common ads are for E-Commerce Websites, which only sell in Canada, the U.S, and the United Kingdom.

So what’s the point of their ads showing in Mexico, India, Ghana, Kenya, or Mongilia if they can’t sell anything to the people in those countries? So if your site shows their ads, but people from those countries clicks them, or views them you won’t receive as much money as someone from the U.S, or UK that Clicks, or Views them because the people from the U.S, and UK are potential customers that can make them money.

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Therefore to earn more money from ads try to get readers from the U.S, Canada, and the UK.


First let’s cover some basics:

CPC: Cost-Per-Click. How much you get paid everytime sosomeone clicks an ad on your site.

CPM: Cost-Per-Impression: How much money you get paid everytime someone views an Ad on your site.

How Much Bloggers Earn From E-Commerce &

E-Book Sales

This one is very tricky, as it depends not only on your sites views, but on how engaging your average viewer is.


An E-Commerce store on your blog could make you $1,000 a month. Or even $100,000. It’s a major risk too, because if you invest a lot of money in your blogs E-Commerce Section, but don’t sell your product you could be plunged into horrible debt.

I suggest not opening up an E-Commerce store until you receive at least 2,000-5,000 Daily Views on your blog.

How To Earn More:

Well for an E-Commerce store it’s very simple.

  1. Increase your blogs views. This may help increase sales.
  2. Have your store fit your sites niche. Example: If you have a blog about Rock Collecting then Sell rocks, if you have a blog about Finance then sell Finance Courses where you teach the person how to be better at finance.

E-Book Sales:

First steps first: You have to write a book, and to make money for it you’ll need to price it. Most Bloggers don’t write books, and the ones that do don’t uusually make any money from it.

How To Earn More:

While a book doesn’t have the potential to earn as much as an E-Commerce store its premises to increase sales are exexactly the same:

  1. Increase Views to your blog to sell more books, and
  2. Make sure your book fits your blogs niche!

How Much Do Bloggers Earn From Donations & Tips

This is the trickiest of all the things we’ve discussed so far. Because not only does it depend on your blogs Views, and Engagement Rate, but it also depends on if people read your whole post, if they liked it, and if they’ve got a buck, or two too spare.


Donations make more money than tips, because people feel like they’re helping an important cause. However how much a site can make from Donations is blurry.

Look at through GoFundMe they have raised 1.3 Million USD in the past 2 years.

That’s $650,000 USD a year. And Snopes currently has a 569,556 Alexa Rank.

The thing is however that there’s 70 Million blogs out there. That means that Snopes is in the top 1%. The average blog couldn’t raise $10 on GoFundMe.

However Snopes does show the potential of what a site can raise.

How To Earn More:

Well Snopes had a serious issue that threatened the lively hood of their site, and they had hundreds of thousands of Fans willing to help them. So there’s aboit 3 things you can do to help your site get more donations:

  1. Have a real cause, that people can help with by donating to your site.
  2. Engage with your users, and create a loyal fanbase.
  3. Increase Your Sites Views.


The hardest way for a blogger to make money… tips. Unfortunately People don’t really tip bloggers. That’s why there’s only 2 ways to get more tips.

How To Earn More:

  • Engage with your site users, and gain a loyal fanbase, and

Have You Noticed Anything During This Article?

To make more from Ads, to make more from E-Commerce, Book Sales, Donations, and Tips you need to increase your views. 

Therefore, and Hence Views are the main thing for every blogger, website, YouTuber, Spotify Artist, Podcaster, and any other type of user for any other type of platform wher you can make money. 

I think now your all confusion is clear about how much money can you make by blogging in 2019 if you have still any questions you can ask in the comments box below.

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