How often should you Publish on your blog. It’s a question that everyone has an answer too.

Every day some say, while others say weekly, some say every other day, and a few say twice a day.

But what is the actual answer?

How Often Should You Publish On Your Blog

Honestly it–like most aspects of blogging–depends.

Are you trying to make a living blogging?

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Is it something you do for fun?

What’s your goal?

If your trying to gain tons of traffic, or make a living Blogging then you’ll need to put in extra work. Meaning that you should Publish once, or twice daily.

If your Blogging trying to gain followers, and become some sort of influencer than you only really need to Publish 3-5 times a week.

If your trying to start a movement, or if your blog is made to spread awareness or anything in that category than once a week is perfect.

Then of course there’s buisnesses. A brick-and-mortar buisness only needs to Publish every 1-2 weeks. While an E-Commerce store should try to Publish once a week, because they depend on traffic coming into their website.

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But how often should you Publish on your blog if your just blogging for fun? That’s up to you. If your not blogging for money or any sort of reason in particular than your blog doesn’t need a Schedule.

Why Should I Have A Publishing Schedule On My Blog Anyways?

“Why should I have a Publishing Schedule”

I’ve heard it before.

Here’s the answers–Notice Its Plural

SEO: Google ranks sites with a strict Publishing schedule better, generally a Schedule improves your SEO.

Views: When your SEO Improves, your views improve. A Schedule is the first step to making a living blogging.

Time: There are certain times of day when certain posts receive more views when Published. Like posts published at 9 AM do better than posts published at 9:30 AM. Scheduling your post can make sure that you always Publish at the best times.

How Often Do The Most Successful Websites Publish

The most successful websites generally publish a minimum of 5 times a day.

A Content/Entertainment site like will publish around 5 times a day.

Whereas a News Site like will Publish as much as every 5-10 minutes.

Then there’s General Population sites as I call them. Websites like The Huffington Post, and People. Websites that break Scandals, and produce Gossip. They’ll Publish every 1-2 minutes, with HuffPo Publishing as much as every 30 seconds!

But Remember: These sites receive Hundreds, Of Thousands–even millions–of views daily. Don’t start Publishing every hour until your site is recieving at least 20,000 views a day.

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