How To Accept Defeat In 3-Steps

One of the hardest things for most people–especially Americans like me–to do is accept defeat. Yet it is actually beneficial in some cases, and could help you. Accepting defeat can help you move onto another project, or just move on with life.

So let me tell you How To Accept Defeat In 3-Steps.

Step 1: Realize The Benefits

When your trying to give up junk food a benefit is that you might live longer. This fact helps more people actually give it up. The same goes with defeat: realizing the benefits can help push you towards actually doing it.

Benefits Such As:
  • As I Said, moving on
  • Accepting defeat helps you learn from your mistakes, and be better at whatever the next time around
  • When your losing then losing consumes your mind. When you could be paying more attention on winning something else.
  • Respect. Those who accept defeat (So long as they did actually fight for victory in the first place, and didn’t immediately give up) are given respect for having the “Balls” to admit it.
See these benefits? Your like:

“You: Accepting defeat can improve your life?”

“Me: Yep. And your state of mind too”

Step 2: Admit Defeat

This step is the only hard step. Yet it’s also the easiest. Let’s say that your having a competition with a coworker about who can jog 10 miles straight everyday for the longest amount of consecutive days. Well In this situation admiting defeat is easy, just don’t jog the 10 miles one day, and of your questioned about it say one of the following:
  • I quit
  • I give up
  • You win
  • Eh, I don’t really care anymore…
  • Oh that? Your still doing that? Oh…
  • Dude, I totally forgot. I guess you win. (This way their “Win” is just a technicality)
  • I had better things to do, sorry.
You can use these in almost any situation.

Step 3: Moving On

You lost, Okay? You’ve tried your hardest, and you lost. So now just move on, and do something else. It was for the best anyways…