A lot of people start blogs at this period in time, but a lot of people blogs dont last longer than 3 months. They believe that their blogs aren’t good enough and they quit. Keep reading and find out how to improve your blog and become better at blogging all together.

The best bloggers enjoy blogging. I dont know who’s reading this and why they blog, maybe it’s to share their knowledge, maybe it’s just a hobby picked up for fun, or maybe… it’s for money.

Types of bloggers

The worst blogs are the ones created just so that you can have the possibility of getting paid. Usually the people writing those blogs know nothing of the subjects, and over write. The perfect blog never succeeds because people feel like a machine wrote it and they dont connect, And that’s just the kind of blog people only in it for the money write.

The best blogs are ones that you connect with. If you like technology write about it, if you like dance write about it. No matter what you like write about it, even if chances are very few other people like the same thing. The key word there is few, that means you may be one that small populations only sources, or if you lucky only source.

Then their is the people in the middle. Those who do it for fun. Their blogs are moderate, and okay. They should improve but probably wont because they see it as just a hobby.

How to be a better blogger

No matter what type of blogger you are you can be better. To be better connect with you audience, and most importantly GET an audience. Make your blog about 1, 2 or 3 things at most. Dont go all over the map on things make it simple. Another way to connect is to add humor and make it seem as if your talking to a friend.

Also try making you blog a social media account. It may bring more visitors to your website and let people know your a cool human with an awesome personality. Or create a spokesperson for social media. @H2DIgroup wasnt doing good on twitter so I created @setterrecord who has a cool personality and can joke. Now @setterrecord now has over 450 followers online. I also created a facebook page The H2DI Group I post on their and have share what I post on here.

Getting your website known

I know I didnt mention it in the title but I have tips for advertising your website.

  1. Adsense
  2. Facebook

On adsense you can create an ad and have it blasted all over google for a daily price. $10 daily can get you over 300 daily visits to your website, and thousands of impressions.

And on Facebook you can do just post an article you’ve written on your facebook page (if your website has a facebook page which is easy to create and you can manage through your facebook account) and then for a set number of days at a set price advertise it on facebook.

And my final words are be yourself, post what you know, dont act like a machine, and remember google has billions of daily users, facebook has hundreds of millions of daily users, so if you advertise I highly suggest google adsense, unless your really good at facebook.

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This post was last modified on December 10, 2019 8:35 AM