Most people want to start a website. But before they go dumping money into something they don’t know they want to be rational, and learn how to blog for free. Thats what we’ll teach you today as well as the best free Blogging Platform! (Because theirs Hundreds of Them)

How To Blog For Free

Well before we get 100% into this, first let’s discuss what Blogging for free means.

It means that you won’t have a “Fully Functioning” site–in a way.

Basically you won’t have a .com domain, instead your domain will end with,, or a plethora of other extensions.

With a free site you also won’t likely Rank; to rank you need to get Keywords on Google, which you almost always need a Plugin to do. Maybe 1, in 100 Articles will rank without a plugin, but they’ll likely only rank on the 50-70th pages.

Now how often do you go to the 50th, or 70th pages of Google? How often do you go to the second page even?

Infact even most paid Plans on most websites won’t give you access to those plugins, you’ll almost always need the most expensive one.

The price of the most expensive one ranges from $12 a month with SiteGround, $300 A Year with, and $25 a month with GoDaddy–which I do not suggest. But there are thousands of hosting companies out there, which thousands of different prices.

Blogging for free also means that your blog is limited. You’ll be blocked off from most Themes, Most Ad-Ons, and Most Actions.

In short: You’ll have a basic website. All you can really do it Publish, and hope that the Blogosphere catches word of it.

What’s The Best Free Blogging Platform

WordPress Logo

The best free Blogging platform is no doubt.

Because as I said: To run a successful Free Blog–as successful as a free blog can be–you need the Blogosphere to catch word of you. And is the place where free blogs receive Hundreds, or thousands of followers.

Why? Because WordPress has a Major community built into their “Reader” which–so long as your Articles are tagged–will present your Articles to the Blogosphere.

That’s why WordPress is the best free Blogging platform. Your Articles, your photos, your posts in general are more likely to get seen and gain traction.

Why Should You Want To Start A Blog Anyways?

Well there’s 3 reasons that always catch 3 different types of peoples attentions.

  1. You can get your opinion out there, your art out there, and share your self with the World
  2. You can be an influential person, maybe even famous.
  3. Someday you may be able to make a living–a damned good living–blogging.

So if any of these catch your attention I suggest starting a blog. It won’t cost you anything, except for 20 minutes a day… maybe even less.
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