Gamers. They are everywhere nowadays. So if your a gamer your probably wondering how to create a game blog.

A place to share your Streams, & Reviews on various games. To maybe even Make money playing video games someday. To make it a living. That’s what a game blog is for.

How To Create A Game Blog

CANB: Creating A Niched Blog

Step 1: Creating Your Blog

As a new blogger you should start slow, and free. Go to and make your free website in as little as 5 minutes.

Once you get on everything else is pretty much on auto-pilot. You don’t have to know any coding, have any Knowledge, or anything. It’s really a teach yourself situation.

All you need is to decide a few things. Your Site Title (Name), Tagline (Catchphrase), Logo, & Theme. I suggest using the Twenty-Nineteen Theme. Its Quick, Easy, and Simple.

When do you upgrade to a free plan? We’ll discuss that in a minute.

Step 2: Plan Your Blog

Now we get into specifics.

So your blog is a gaming blog, huh? What type of gaming blog? Do you share Streams, Reviews, Tips & Tricks, News, or all of the above?

I suggest starting with 2 simple categories to get you going. If it were me I’d choose Tips & Tricks, and Streams. Then eventually start adding on category’s, but never go above 7!

Once you get above 7 categories your blog becomes a bit cluttered. Also never give a post more than one category.

So we’ve got that all figured out, but now you need to plan your Schedule. Do you stream daily? Weekly? Do you post a game review once a month? What do you post, and when.

Keeping a healthy schedule increases your chances of ranking on Google.

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Step 3: Figuring Out Your Blog

Next is to figure stuff out.

This is something most people teach themselves, because all you need to do is go through your site.

Step 4: Tips On Adding Your First Post

Each post on your blog needs to be amazing.

Here’s some common guidelines:

  • 1,500-3,000 Words
  • Use Headings!
  • No more than 1 Category!
  • No more than 15 tags, & use relevant tags!
  • Add a featured image (Be sure to Optimize your image for speed! Just download an image compressor/optimizer app)

Then post! 🙂 Boom!

Step 5: Paid Plans

You should stick with WordPress for at least your first year. Only change when you absolutely know what your doing.

So eventually your gonna want to move up to a paid plan on WordPress.


So that you can get a domain (That doesn’t end with, and make money off of Ads!

But when should you get a paid plan?

I’d say at around 1,000 Subscribers. Because as a game blogger you won’t be needing a real high-tech blog, so you won’t really need a paid plan. Plus your Subscribers only become somewhat profitable around that time.


And that’s about all you’ll really need. Just follow those 5 simple steps, & guidelines.

Also remember to have a personality. Game bloggers need a unique personality to thrive.

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