Before I Blogged about Blogging I was a journalist. Before I wrote about writing I wrote about Drug Busts, & Plane Crashes. So let me tell you how to create a news blog, how to do it, plus the pros, and cons.

How To Create A News Blog

The first thing is to create your blog. I suggest, you’ll have your site created in less than 5 minutes.

After your site is created you’ll just need to figure out a few things:

  • Theme
  • Name
  • Niche
  • Plan


You’ll want to create a straightforward theme for your blog. One that displays your posts upfront. I suggest The Hive theme, or the Bootstrap Blog Them. They’re both perfect.


Now it’s time to decide your News Sites name. Maybe your name is Gwen, well then maybe the perfect name is The Gwen Report.

If you ouve in a town called Morton, than The Morton Chronicle might be a good choice.

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Here’s a list of general Keywords in News Site names:

  • Report
  • Post
  • Chronicle, and
  • Herald

Make sure that your name is Short, Memerable, And Trustworthy Sounding.

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So you’ve already decided that it’s a News Site. So your Niche is News. But are you focusing on International News, State News, County News, or Local News? Maybe all 4? Maybe only County, Or City?

Here’s the Pro’s & Cons of each niche:

International & State News:

Pro: Your possible Audience is the entire nation.

Con: You’ve got to compete against Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and thousands of other big-name news sites. You likely won’t gain much traction for years.

County & Local News:

Pro: You don’t have to compete with much–if any–Mega-News Corps, so you’ll probably gain traction quicker, and easily gain keywords.

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Con: Your Audience is much smaller. A county may only have 100,000 people, a city may only have 20,000. And there’s no chance you’ll get any more than 5% of those people viewing your site daily, unless there’s a major scandal.

And if there’s a major scandal than a Major News Corp will probably dominate the story.


Using WordPress you can decide between many plans. But unfortunately as a news blog the only useful plan is the most expensive: The Buisness Plan, at $300 a year.


Because only with the buisness plan can you get YoastSEO. And only with YoastSEO can you gain Keywords, which are essential for a news blog. Essential if you want traffic anyways…

General Pro’s/Cons Of A News Blog


  • News blogs gain more keywords than normal blogs in general
  • News blogs also have a higher success rate, and gain more traffic
  • Your more likely to gain a small Following
  • They’re easier to run


  • A news blog requires constant attention. At least 5 Articles a day
  • You’ll always have sole sort of competition, unless your sticking to one small town. But then you won’t have a big enough audience to ever succeed, and make a living reporting the news.
  • It gets repetitive.


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