Connecting with your reader is what makes them recurring, and gets them to come back time and time again. That’s why you need to know how to easily connect with your readers.

If you really connect with your readers very well they may even purchase a Monthly Subscription to your blog–if you have one.

In Short: If you want your Blog to Make More Money, and Get More Views than you need to connect with your readers.

How To Easily Connect With Your Readers In 5 Ways

1. Profile Picture

Readers are more likely to connect With you when they see a Human Photo as your profile picture.

Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Blogging YouTube Whatever. People are more likely to Like, Comment, or Subscribe if they see your profile picture is that of a human.

If your a Blogger on your Own Self-Made website this may be a harder task because your current theme might not support putting your profile picture above or even below your article.

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2. Humor

The best way to get recurring viewers is to be funny. In my articles I employ Satire, and other forms of humor.

Not “Oh my Gosh! That’s hilarious!” Humor, more of a “Oh, well I guess that is funny” humor. I’m not a comedian, but that small bit of humor is enough to connect with my readers.

They enjoy the familiarity. Heck, throw in a couple of Dad-type jokes. It’s easy.

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You really want your articles to be intelligent, but feel free to sort of act stupid and tell stupid jokes. Maybe get them to laugh at you.

Its easier than getting them to laugh with you, and it still builds that familiarity that will connect and may bring them back.

My sister once punched me in the face, and hit me over the head with a pair of nunchucks in 30-seconds.

Go ahead and laugh at me. Because theirs no damn chance your laughing with me. That sh*t hurt.

And honestly I don’t care if you laugh at me, because your never going to meet me. That’s the attitude you should have. You’ll never meet your readers, so be stupid and get them to laugh at you.

3. Writing Style

“But Mister Caden738 isn’t humor a type of writing style?”

Yes my little reader, but also no.


Shut up.

And Scene.

Humor is a type of writing style, but your writing style depends not just on your genre but your layout, and other things.

I personally don’t like to have long paragraphs, it’s part if my writing style. By doing this my articles are easier to read.

I also avoid big words. Again it’s easier to read, and it makes me sound more familiar. Again you want to make your reader feel familiarity, because there’s no way you’ve ever heard me say that before.

You also want to make your Article easy to read. Easy to read stuff helps–say it with me–connect with your Audience.

Making your writing style easy to read is easy. Just follow these guidlines:

  • Short sentences, & short paragraphs
  • Use emphasis.
  • Don’t be afraid to use Boldness.
  • Don’t cross the line. Using the F-Word may make people uncomfortable, just like mentioning Nazism, calling them a piece of sh*t, and using racial slurs. It’s also highly offensive, and may get your site taken off of Google. So basically don’t be a d*ck.

Its simple right?

Unless of course your an illiterate moron in the Klu Klux Klan. I mean seriously, they spelt the word “Clan” wrong.

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