Before you start trying to get a million, 100,000, or even 50,000 views a month you need to start out slower. If you set your goals to high you’ll give up because it’s too hard. So first you need to learn how to get 10000 views a month, then move up Slowly. Don’t move to fast start setting easier blogging goals, that’s my advice on how to Slowly improve a blog.

“By making your goals simpler, and easier you’ll see much more progress, and your more likely to reach the higher numbers!”–Caden738

How To Get 10000 Views A Month

As I said before a big part is to start setting easier Blogging goals. Thats mainky what this Article Article about how to get 10000 views a month will be discussing: Goals.

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Setting Easier Blogging Goals: A Quick Guide

First you need to get real. Your blog won’t be an overnight success, you won’t immediately get thousands of views a month, and your first few posts probably won’t even get any views.

When your setting easier Blogging goals you need to be honest, and blunt with yourself. Not Harsh, but blunt. Here let’s go through some Easy Short-Term Blogging goals, & a Timeline that aren’t unrealistic:

Realistic View Goal Timeline:

  • 100 Views A Week In 3 Months
  • 500 Views A Week In 6 Months
  • 1,000 Views A Week In 10
  • 2,500 Views A Week In 12 Months

No I’m Not Under-Exaggerating, it would be incredible if a blog 6 months old received 500 views a week. Incredible, but attainable.

Various Realistic Short-Term Goals:

  • 100 Followers By 4 Months
  • 5 Keywords By 4 Months
  • 100 Articles Published By 4 Months
  • $0.10 A Day By 4 Months

These goals, & the timeline aren’t easy to accomplish even though–to some–they may seem small. But they are easier than the large goals many newbies set, such as to get 1,000 Followers in one day, or be an online Millionaire by the end of the year.

How To Slowly Improve A Blog

As you saw in that timeline it takes a heck of a lot of time to have a successful blog. But that’s because it takes time. You can’t just spend 10 hours on it one day, and be successful the next. Infact if you spend large quantities of time on it all at once then you’ll probably lose interest. So you need to Learn how to slowly improve a blog.

How To Slowly Improve A Blog: A Quick Guide

Slowly improving your blog consists of 2 Common Guidelines & 2 Steps.

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  1. Don’t Overdo Yourself On Time. I suggest Spending 2-3 hours your first week, and going up an additional hour a week once a month until you hit 10-hours. You need to get yourself adjusted. If you dive right in you’ll want to jump out of the pool sooner (Read: Lose interest)
  2. Don’t Panic. If your blog isn’t getting tons of views, or much followers, or anything like that don’t panic. Just make a choice, and live with it/stick with it. Because it may be 2-3 months before your Choice starts giving you results, it may be 2-3 days.


  1. Gain Keywords Over Time
  2. Increase Your Publishing Schedule

Step 1: Gain Keywords Over Time.

You’ll want to get the WordPress Buisness Plan, and download YoastSEO, or a different plugin so that you can add keywords to your posts. Then be sure to add a keyword to everyone of your posts so that you can start indexing better/higher. Try to have 15 Keywords by the end of the year.

Step 2: Increase Your Publishing Schedule

As I’ve said 3 times now: Don’t dive in, go slowly bla-bla-bla, Yata-Yata-Yata. Try to Publish at least 1-3 times a week for your first couple weeks. You’ll want to slowly increase–at your own rate–until your Publishing a post once every day.

And then you take the big leap to 2 posts a day!… at your own pace.

NOTE: You probably won’t receive much traffic until your Publishing at least 5 times a week.


You need to take your time, and take it slow. That’s how to get 10,000 views a month, that’s how to slowly improve a blog, and that’s how you start setting easier Blogging goals. By taking it slow, and steady (Because it wins the race).

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