Some of the most Famous, Influential publications on Earth have been Humor Publications. National Lampoon, MAD, The Onion, and Others have spawned TV Shows, Movies, and Famous Alumni. Humor sells. But laughs bring recurring visitors. So let me tell you how to make a blog funny.

How To Make A Blog Funny

1. Don’t Be Tacky

People want real humor. Be sarcastic you lousy piece of crap. And also it wouldn’t hurt you to joke around with your readers by calling them names. But we’re gonna get to that later.

2. Don’t Repeat, Be Unique

This means basically don’t repeat jokes. It’s a really simple concept. But us here at H2DI know our readers aren’t that bright, so let me explain. (If you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm. Our readers are very bright. Unless you don’t leave a tip at the bottom of the page, in that case your an a**hole)

Don’t repeat basically means don’t repeat Pop-Culture. Don’t post Memes on your site, don’t create a post about a certain, and don’t repeat a joke you might’ve heard on Cracked, or CollegeHumor.

Yeah, I know what you heard was funny! That doesn’t mean you should repost it, wwrite an Article about it, or blatantly steal it like a monkey addicted to vicodin. Of course this doesn’t relate to CollegeHumor, because anyone that finds that site funny isn’t smart enough to blog. Cracked all the way, baby.

Be unique, and try to create something worth stealing. Create something so good that you just know someone will steal it. Because isn’t that every writers dream?

Of course Sarcasm goes a long way, but you could also use satire. The Onion is 100% Satire, and they’re one of the worlds most famous websites.

If you don’t know what satire is, Satire is jokingly exaggerating the truth to either A. Make a point using sarcasm, B. Get laughs, or C. Both.

3. Don’t Be Too Harsh

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You don’t want to offend, or make your reader cry. I mean your a blogger, not a cyberbully.

Think of it this way: Earlier when I called you a “Lousy Piece of Crap” I was obviously joking. But would you have found that joke as funny if I have called you a “Worthless Piece Of Sh*t”? No? Because that’s too harsh you say?

Yes, it really is. The point of the joke is that it comes off as a joke! Now I’m not gonna lie: There will always be people wo don’t get the Joke, and get offended. But as a writer you need to know that someone will always get offended at whatever you write.

Maybe they have different views, maybe they think your spreading disinformation, maybe they jjust didn’tget the joke (As I said before). Whatever. It happens. Move on, and don’t let one person stop you.

4. Adjust Your Writing Style

Wow… your still asking how to make a blog funny? Most people can’t handle my bodacious humor for this long.

And SCENE!!!

That’s a good writing style! Humor publications should only be serious if it’s for a joke. A serious writer would have started out this section by giving you some tips, and advice to improve your writing style. I made small talk.

Comedy Blogs/Sites SHOULD NOT BE SERIOUS. Okay?

Here are 5 Pieces Of Advice For A Comedy Site/Blog’s Writing Style:

  • Use Sarcasm, Jokes, and make it fun, and joyous for your reader to be reading what you’ve written.
  • Be Unprofessional. Occasionally stop te Article to tell a joke, or an exaggerated story. Or just li–Uh, I mean use “Satire”! Yeah… “Satire”… I wasn’t about to say “Lie” because Satire is not lying. Its Joking!
  • Act as if your talking to your reader in the real world. (Like I just did. I mean I could have just deleted “Lie”, and written in “Or just use Sarcasm“, but in the real world you can’t just hit “Delete”, and reword yourself. I acted as If I had actually misspoken, and quickly corrected myself as if this was a real world conversation. Isn’t it weird how so many of my Joke’s have meanings that I explain later in the Article? It’s also Kinda annoying, right?)
  • Engage with your readers. Many more professional-types don’t engage, and ask the reader questions. They don’t try to make the reader a recurring visitor, or their friend. They just list the facts. Boring. Lame. Won’t return… mainly because you didn’t make an impression, so I don’t remember the name of your site.
  • Have fun. You can’t fake genuine joy, and a comedy writer needs their articles to be truly joyful. So you need to have fun writing. If you don’t enjoy writing you can’t be a good comedy writer.

5. Gain Inspiration From The Greats

Before we start let me just say that I’m not telling you to steal jokes. I am howevr saying to let jokes inspire you. Bu don’t steal them, because only unfunny people steal funny jokes.

In all seriousness go and get some old National Lampoon‘s, MAD‘s, and Cracked Magazines. Or read,, and if your very *Ahem* Simple read something from

Then just gain inspiration. Carefully examine the Jokes, and their Writing Style then learn how to improve your jokes, and writing style. Again Don’t Steal, don’t copy, just learn.

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