Every blogger wants to know–and at some point may need to know–how to make money from Blogging. It could be because they need extra cash, or they simply want to make a living doing so.

And I bet your first thought on making money from blogging is ads, ads, and more ads, but there are other ways go make money Blogging. There’s Even better ways.

How To Make Money From Blogging In 4 Ways

1. Amazon Associate

Amazon Is one of the worlds best, and most active online marketplaces. During some points fo the year they sell over 300 products a SECOND!

Essentially you may write a Guest post Reviewing the product, or just promote it throughout various posts. Then leave a link, and if the reader clicks the link, and then purchases the item within a certain time range you get a percentage!

NOTE: I know it may be tempting to sponsor a bunch of random $100+ products, but remember Cheaper ones are more likely to sell, and will probably sell in greater quantity. So you’ll make more money with cheaper products.

Also avoid Random Products make sure they fit your niche! If your a How-To site then promote a How-To Book, Toy Sites should promote toys, and self-help/self-care sites/blogs should promote Essential Oils, Moisturizers, & Self-Improvement books.

2. Sponsored Posts

This is probably the easiest one.

You simply allow Companies, or people to write posts, and then you publish them on your blog.

Or this can also mean they Sponsor your post…Which is even easier. Because then just add “This Post Was Sponsored By *Enter Here & Attach Link*” at the end of the post.

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3. Donations (Contributions)

Some of the worlds largest websites–like Snopes–Accept Donations, and even rely on them.

Snopes has raised well over $1 Million for legal fees!

Sometimes however they don’t call them “Donations” they call them “Contributions”. The difference is that Contributors generally–not always though–receive things in return, donators don’t.

Some Contributors get a one-time gift, others a monthly gift if their a recurring Contributor, while few gain access to Contributor-only content.

So you could set up a Donation Page, a contributor page, or just allow people to buy a Automatic Monthly, Weekly, Yearly, or Bi-Annual subscription.

4. Writing For Other People (Guest Posts)

There’s 3 types of guest posts:

  • Ones You Do for free
  • Ones you do do for cash
  • And ones you do for Cash, but receive no recognition, someone else takes credit for it. (Its called “Ghostwriting)

Each one is very rewarding.

Yes even the ones you do for free, because then you get A) A Backlink that will strengthen and/or bring traffic to your site, and B) You appear in front of another audience (That may be larger) and gain name recognition.

The only way in which you won’t get a Backlink, & Name Recognition is of you write as a Ghostwriter. But hey, you get cash!

Writing guest posts is easy–finding people who’ll accept them is hard.

You may email 100 people before one says they’ll accept a Guest post from them. Here’s the ideal email:

“Hello, my name is *Enter Here* I’m a semi-professional writer (Remember: Be Honest. Don’t call yourself a “Professional” everyone does… even if you are a real professional just say “Semi-Professional” because they probably won’t believe you) and I’m experienced in *Enter Sites Niche Here*.

I’d like to write a Guest post for you, in exchange for a Backlink [And *Enter Dollar Amount Here* NOTE: Only Add This if you plan on requesting money]

I’ve attached some of my work to this email (Be sure to add at least 3 pieces of Work, and if you can’t place attachments then place Links. But ALWAYS ADD LINKS IF THEY’RE TO OTHER GUEST POSTS YOUVE WRITTEN, it makes them say “Oh, well they’re obviously experienced, and good because they’ve written a Guest post before!”)

Thanks, And Have A Good Day!”

But if you want to ghost write its much easier.

Just create an Account, and Gig in Fiverr where you can charge a Flat-Rate for whatever services you wish. (Most people on Fiverr won’t let you take any credit for your work, so its gonna be ghostwriting)

Or create an Account on Upwork, where you can charge a Flat-Rate, Hourly-Rate, or Salary. (A good amount of people on Upwork will give you Credit, and possibly Backlinks… but most won’t)

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