How to Monetize A Blog. How To Monetize Your Blog. This is the category which we will dive into today, we will focus on: How to Monetize A Blog With Ads, & How To Monetize A Blog With Ecommerce.

How To Monetize A Blog With Ads, & Ecommerce

How To Monetize A Blog With Ads

Well first you need to make sure you have a domain. Not a, or domain, but a real domain, like This is a requirement on how to monetize a blog with ads.

Then you need to choose an ad network. Now this is where many people would then Google ad networks see Googlr has one and then say “Hey Google, Cool I’ll Use Them!”


Google Ads always changes their policies, and rules. Your site will probably be booted off of their network in 2 weeks. Plus it’s hard to set up for their ads if your a newer blogger. That extra couple cents they give you isn’t worth it when you won’t even last long enough to collect it.

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Instead Use a Copy & Paste ad network. One where you fill out an application wait 2 days and then just copy & paste a code into your site. It’s easy, simple, and it only pays a little less than Google Ads. Plus these types of Ad Networks don’t change their policies so often and are less likely to boot you out.

I Personally use and Infolinks Pays the Highest, but is quicker to set up.

NOTE: With Infolinks you will need to post an Ads.txt into your sites Header/Footer, but that’s basic and easy to do.

Now all you need is views. But just how many views do you need to make money off of ads?

Well this depends. On CPC, CPM, Your Network, & Your Main Country.


CPC: Cost-Per-Click; How much you get paid when someone clicks an ad on your site. It could be $0.25, $1, or even just $0.05

CPM: Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions; How much you get paid when someone sees your ad. It could range from 0.25-$5, or maybe just $0.05

Network: Your ad network determines how big the amount of your General CPC, & CPM are.

Main Country: The Country You Receive Most Of Your Views From; The Proces we discussed up above are U.S CPC & CPM. That’s how much you get paid if someone from the U.S Clicks/See’s your ad. If the person is from India, Mexico, or another country like that the CPM’s, & CPC’, are (On average) going to be 50-60% lower.


Let’s say your blog uses a good ad network and has a $0.25 CPC, & $1 CPM, most of your visitors are from the U.S, and every 1 out of 50 visitors clicks an ad. Now pretend you receive 1,000 views a day. That would mean you’d make $6 a day.

Now let’s say that you receive the same amount of views, and the same amount of Ad Clicks, with the same Network. But most of your visitors are from India. You’d make 50-60% less. That’s somewhere from $2.4-3.00 USD Total.

How To Monetize A Blog With Ecommerce

Firstly, to do this you need visitors from your home country. The reason that Ads aren’t worth as much in India as they are in the U.S is because the companies in those ads? Why they don’t sell internationally so the ads are pointless.

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And since your just starting out you don’t want to sell internationally right off the bat (We’ll get to this later) instead sell to your home country, or even just locally.

To create a successful Ecommerce buisness you need to decide whether your a Blog that Sells stuff, or just a simple Ecommerce store.

This is because if your a blog that just sells stuff you may need thousands of visitors daily to be successful with your store.

But if your just an Ecommerce store then you may only need Tens, or hundreds of visitors daily to be successful.


Because people aren’t on a Blog to buy stuff. When they go on a 100% Ecommerce website than they are looking to buy. When they’re on a blog they’re not looking to buy, they’re just reading. That’s why if your just a blog than use a banner to promote your store, also add notes in your articles about your store with links too your store.

Now an Ecommerce store needs to gradually increase and gain momentum. Start out selling $5 items (and charging for shipping), then start slowly carrying bigger, and bigger things.

You want to do this because Ecommerce stores do fail. And it’s better to have failed and lost a couple hundred bucks, than a couple thousand. Also gradually building up helps you start to gain users for when you start selling bigger things.

This is also why you shouldn’t sell internationally. It’s a big risk. Wait to sell internationally until you can take the hit and it won’t be fatal. Just in case.

An Ecommerce store also needs something to Define it. The most successful stores carry Items that are Rare, cool and you can’t get anywhere else. Its because then if you want that thing you have to buy it from them.

You can save that idea for later. Wait until your store is big enough that you can afford to buy the rights or ownership of something cool like that. Or even just team up with an Inventor. You Fund, he makes, you sell, you get a majority of the profits and he also gets a nice cut.

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