How to Secure an Android in 4 Steps

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Here’s 4 ways you can keep an android phone or tablet secure, from tracking down a purloined phone & banishing android viruses, handling app permissions to lockup down apps.

1. Android phone or tablet encrypt

Those desperate to secure their Android phone or tablet device will over probably have noticed the encryption choice in Settings, click on Security select encryption option. This scrambles all the information on the phone apps, media and additional until you place in the decryption countersign, which you’ll do each time you switch it on.

2. Started user accounts

Since Android Lollipop, we’ve been ready to start multiple user accounts on tablets, and a lot of recently on phones. If you’re planning to be sharing your device with another friend, a colleague or a lover, you can provide them access to solely the components of your android that you are willing to allow them to see. Started user accounts in Settings simply click on Users account then Add User.

3. Tablet or Android phone back up

It’s not simply the actual fact that our information might get into the incorrect hands once our device is lost or purloined that it worrying it’s additionally the actual fact it’ll no longer be in our hands. Backing up Android is important, and in doing so you can tie everything to your Google account instead of a part of the hardware that could break at any purpose. Backing up tablet or android phone additionally means things like your photos and videos are accessible through
any browser signed into your Google account, and that next time you purchase a new phone you won’t need to manually download and install all of your favorite apps.

4. Screen lock setup

Screen lock setup is the easiest way to secure android once your tablet or phone fall into the incorrect hands. If your device supports it, and an eye scanner lock or fingerprint currently, you can set a pattern or PIN or password lock. It’s so simple to do you actually haven’t any excuse.
Head to Settings then click on Security then select Screen lock option to get secured.