Finding & Deleting A Phone Virus

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Phone virus’ can be dangerous, and may lead to destruction of your phone or may even add extra charges to your phone bill. Find out if you have one, and how to get rid of it.

There are 3 certain ways to tell if your phone has gotten a virus.

1. Your Battery drains quickly

2. Your phone has random pop-up adds

3. Constant overheating in your phone
If you are experiencing 2 or more of these symptoms your phone has a virus.

There are several apps and websites that say they can help you get rid of viruses, but a lot of these dont actually work. Here are 2 real ways to get rid of viruses.

1. Put your phone in safe mode

2. Delete any suspicious apps or delete

3. apps that you downloaded before you noticed the virus
But to stay away from viruses you need to…

1. Always do system updates

2. Avoid suspicious apps

3. Dont download 3rd party apps

4. Dont go to unsafe websites


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