Once upon a time my blog was receiving a X-Amount of Daily Visits. Now I Post Less, but I managed to Triple My Weekly Views. How did I do it? How do you do it? Well it’s simple to learn how to triple a blogs weekly views.

How To Triple A Blogs Weekly Views

When I first asked myself how to triple a blogs weekly views I immediately thought: Post More, and Post More Often.

Now I post less, and I post less often. I went from 3 posts a day, to 3-7 posts a week. Why?

The more often a blogger posts the more people unsubscribe from your mailing list. People don’t like Spam, and Frequent emails. I’d say that if your blog gets most of its views from Email subscribers, and followers you shouldn’t post more than twice a day.

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And when you do try to do it at separate times, not all at once.

I also started making better, longer content. Word of advice: Try to make every one of your posts at least 1,000 words. Not only is that content better, but Google Is more likely to rank longer more informative content.

Another thing to remember is Scheduling Posts, and Scheduling them at the right time. First of all Scheduling posts is good for your SEO. Secondly: scheduling at the right time can increase your views.

I’d say that a good schedule for 3 posts a week is: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12 AM. Think about it. These are Weekdays, and most people have lunch at 12 AM. These are the times when peoppe are most likely to be scrolling through Social Media sharing and clicking links. It’s also the time when people are more llikely to be doing some reading.

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Believe it or not but people aren’t on Social Media, or reading online as much during the Weekends. During work its different, because its 30 minutes they can spend online mentally away from work. Or Physically away if they leave for Lunch.

Even if your audience is Younger this is the best schedule. Because its 12 O’Clock Lunch, on a school day and 90% of America’s youth is on their phone in the cafeteria.

And that thought also brings me to the fact that you should try and Increase You Brands Social Media Presence.

On theh2digroup.com’s Twitter it’s no longer just me sharing Links, but I also post Polls, General Tips, I like/Retweet other blog-related stuff, and comment on blog-related stuff.

This takes 10 minutes a day, and I’ve increased my Twitter Reach. Now I receive some OK Twitter Traffic when I post a link.

How to triple a blogs weekly views is a question I once asked. Now I know, and is all by just following this simple guide.

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