We all know how to use a Period. See? I literally just used one there. But we don’t all know about Colons, Semi-Colons, and Asterisks.

This guide will teach you how to use the simplest, most common Punctuations (.¿!), the uncommon ones (*-;:), and any others in between.

Easy Punctuations:

NOTE: These are easy, and common Punctuations. Skip if necessary.

!: Exclamation Mark. Used to add Exclamation (Duh), and emphasis to a sentence. Also used to Express Joy, Anger, and Sadness.

?: Question Mark. A sign used after Questions.

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“”: Quotation Mark. Used to Quote a phrase, sentence, or any other variation of something someone once said.

&: And Sign, or whatever you choose to name it. Used to replace the word “And”. Generally used for Titles.

%: Percentage Sign. Used to give percentages.

(): Parentheses. Used to add something to a Paragraph.

#: Number Sign. Put before numbers when listing things in numerical form.

@: “At Sign” (As it’s often called). A sign used in most social media, and all email addresses.

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Uncommon Punctuations:

: : Colon. Used before Descriptions, Lists, explanations, and definitions.

; : Semi-Colon. Used to connection two independent clauses. (EXAMPLE: I Saw a dog today; She was fluffy)

*: Asterisk. Used to mark certain words for various reasons. Often used to mark a certain word, or phrase for the point of showing the meaning (Read: Definition) of said word, or phrase after the text is over, or at the bottom of the page.

[]: Brackets. Used to add text to a quote for the meaning of making the quote seem to make more sense, or to add more descriptions to the text while also not infringing, and falsifying the text. (EXAMPLE: “The Flashing [Blue] Lights Hurt My Eyes” The Witness Remarked)

Note To The Reader:

You have no use for the “¿”, Or “¡” Simbals unless you are using Spannish.

There is no use for “+”, “×”, “÷”, “=”, or “^”, unless you are incorporating Mathematicians into your Article.

You have no use for “€”, “£”, “¥”, “?”, or “$” unless you are incorporating Money values into your Article.

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Quick Q&A

How To Use An Asterisk

To mark certain words, or keyohrases for various reasons

How To Use A Colon

Place it before Descriptions, Lists, Explanations, And Definitions

How To Use A Semicolon

Use it to break apart two independent clauses

How To Use Punctuations

You use Punctuations in sentences to help with the structure of said sentences

What Are Punctuations?

Simbals, Or “Signs” Used to help perfect the structure of a sentence

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