“How to write a good Article In 7 Steps” By Caden738

How To Write A Good Article In 7 Steps


Most writers aren’t simply trying to pump out a couple hundred words in a couple minutes to fill some quota.

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They want their writing to be astounding, to get nominated for awards, and to just be good.

That’s what this article is about: Teaching you how to write a good Article in 7 simple steps.

Step 1: Word Count

The best Articles aren’t stuffed into a few short paragraphs, but they also aren’t dragged out over 10,000 words. Articles that aren’t long enough don’t have any quality, and articles that take too long lose quality.

Here’s a simple guideline to follow: Write what you have to say, and no more.

Its actually very easy. Just write what you want to say, how you want to say it. Maybe at the end of the day your Article is only 600 Words, maybe its 1,200.

To Put It Simply: Don’t add in stuff you don’t need to add, and don’t forget things you should add.

Step 2: Personality

A good Article doesn’t sound like a drone. You use emphasis! You use Question Marks, Colons, Semicolons, and Exclamation Points.

Italicize your words, Make Them Bold, even–occasionally–underline them!

Did you see what I did up there? I cut myself off, and said “Occasionally”. I could have just said:

“And Occasionally Underline Them.

But that’s not as fun, or inviting is it?

Listen: You can either be Plain Words, or a human to your readers. Words aren’t as popular as Humans. Humans bring people back, and get followers. Words are just what they read.

Step 3: Photos

Use the right Images in your photos.

It’s that easy. Use photos that go with the Article.

Here’s Some Photo Guidelines:

  1. Make sure that your photo is ALWAYS Public Domain, or Free To Use. You don’t want a lawsuit…
  2. Optimize, and Compress your images for AMP. It’s simple, just download an App and make sure that none of your images are too large. Plus if your site takes too long to load people will leave. So you’ll want a good AMP.
  3. Make sure your images aren’t Grainy.
  4. Try to make your images Light. Avoid Dark Images.
  5. Use an image that has a person–even a cartoon person so long as it looks realistic–over an image that doesn’t.

Just stick to those steps, and you’ll have a good image.

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Step 4: Be As Simple As Possible

I call this BA-SAP (Pronounced BA-SAP) Ots an important part of learning how to write a good Article. Because not only does it sound like some sort of Attack in a comic book, but it’s simple.

Which is what you should be too.

Your Audience is reading your Article because they either A) Have A Question, or B) Are Relaxing & Reading.

If it’s a How-To Article then they have a question, if it’s a news story, or something titled “How I Spent My Summer” They’re relaxing, and reading.

Either way the chances are that if you start talking all advanced, and technical they’ll get confused and read.

I’m not saying dumb down your writing, I’m just saying be simple. And if you do get technical then immediately explain yourself, and what you mean before they leave, you know?

Step 5: Care About Your Writing

You know I used to be a journalist. I hated it. I didn’t care about my writing, and so my writing turned out crappy.

This doesn’t just affect me too: If anyone doesn’t care what they’re writing about, or has lost interest then their writings won’t be good.

Sometimes if you’ve lost interest in what you write about, but still want to write good Articles then the best thing to do is to rekindle whatever love you have for that subject.

This may mean taking a break, or find out out something interesting about your niche. But that brings me to No. 6…

Step 6: Take A Break

People can’t just pump out a constant stream of Good work. You need to take a break sometimes. This Is a key point on how to write a good Article.

And after that break is over you may start to notice that your writing is better! Just like that! Poof! Abraka–Freaking–dabra!

Taking a break for a day, a week, or even a month can drastically help you come back even better.

But I will tell you that if you stop Publishing, and break from your cycle your Sites SEO May be affected, so before you take a break Schedule some posts.

Step 7: Set Your Own Pace

Everyone has their own theories on how long it takes to write a good Article. “30 Minutes”, “An Hour”, “4 Hours”, et Cetera, et cetera.

Do you know why everyone has a different opinion? Because everyone works differently.

For some people it only takes 30-45 minutes to pump out a high-quality Article that will almost immediately rank on Google. For others it may take 2-4 hours to write that same article.

Everyone works at their own pace, or they work at someone else’s pace. And sometimes someone else’s pace works, I’ll admit that… other times is terrorizes your writing.

Maybe you push out an Article in 20 minutes like your coworker/Friend/Like another blogger told you too, and its shoddy. Or maybe you spend 2 Hours on an Article, and it too is shoddy, and you should have stopped an hour ago.

Set your own pace, write at your own speed, and you’ll see an improvement! 🙂

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