It’s harder to rank on Google than ever. Competitors are born every day no matter what your Niche is… that’s why you need to start leveraging Social media as a traffic source by writing Shareable content.

To do this you need one thing: Shareable Content.

The type of content people will not only ReTweet, and Share from your Social Pages, but Share on their own.

That’s what I’m here to help you with.

Creating shareable content that is. And here’s 4 tips to do that.

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How To Write A Shareable Article In 4 Ways

1. Length

Articles that get the most shares aren’t short little pieces. No. Infact they are long 3,000-10,000 word masterpieces.

Its simple: the longer the Article the more likely someone is to share it.

Especially of your Niche is more professional. By professional I mean a niche such as Home Repair.

Professional Niches are Niches that focus on things that are Informative. So the more information you give the more people will find it worth sharing.

2. Volume

Don’t expect a bunch of shares until you’ve written about 300 Articles. It’s a lot, right? I know.

Don’t ever forget that blogs aren’t easy anymore. They require hard work. Possibly even years of hard, hard work. But it’s all worth it in the end.

Here’s Some Tips On How To Produce A Large Volume Of Articles:

Keep A Schedule:

Don’t bulk post, it’s bad for SEO, and will only provide one large jump in traffic. Try to post at least once a week, and maybe even as much as Daily.

But don’t post too often it may annoy certain email Subs of yours.

Take Breaks:

If you do nothing but write constantly you’ll start to hate writing, you’ll give up and all of this that you’ve done so far will be worthless.

Be sure to take breaks from writing consistently. However never alter your Schedule. If you want to take a break be sure you have enough Articles Scheduled to Auto-Post to cover said break.

That’s one of the most important things to remember when trying to learn how to write a Shareable article. Need to take breaks.

Don’t Expect Too Much:

Your first Articles may only get as much as Five Views. Hell, they may not even get any views.

If you go into this expecting Millions, Thousands, Hundreds, or Even Tens of Views (That’s right: Tens) you’d better already have a loyal, and large Audience to promote your Audience to.

If you expect too much you’ll be disappointed when you don’t receive it, and you’ll quit, and you won’t reach the Volume of Articles your going for.

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3. Personality

People won’t share your Article if they don’t even like You. You have to have a good personality.

The sad fact of the matter is that writers aren’t exactly known for being Cheerful, Happy, Non-Depressed people. So you’ll likely have to Create that Personality yourself.

A good personality has the following:

  • Authority
  • Happiness
  • Humor

Express Authority to make your readers trust you. Be Happy and make your readers Happy Too. Be Funny, Have a sense of Humor.

When it comes to Humor I Make jokes, and take Advantage of Sarcasm. Not always funny Jokes, but Jokes. My Sarcasm is Spot on though, homie.

4. Readability

Make your Articles easy to read. Limit your Paragraphs to 2-3 Sentences, and don’t use Complcated Words.

Not only will making your Article readable increase your Shares, but it’ll increase the amount of time people spend on your site.

Infact several people will leave sites because they’re unreadable, and they get confused.

Readability isn’t all words though. Its Media too. If you use too many Ads, or Photos in your Articles it will not only slow down your site, but it hurts readability.

It hurts it to the point that people may leave your site ASAP if you have to much Media.

Make your site readable: Its an Essential.

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So I hope that I taught you some good tips on how to write a Shareable article! 🙂 If you enjoyed it please leave a comment down below.

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