I Want To Sponsor Your Blog, YouTube Account Or Podcast

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I want to sponsor your Blog, YouTube, Or Podcast. My one requirement is that you have at least 1,000 subscribers, followers, or anything equal, or above that. This is a great opportunity for the little guys.

It doesn’t matter what your Blog, YouTube, or Podcast’s Niche is, it can be about Dogs, or it can be about Advanced Psyhics all you need is 1,000 follows.

  • Here’s how it works: You email me at caden738@theh2digroup.com, and all I need is your sub/follow count, and your blog/Youtube/Podcast name/Username. Then I review it, if it fits the requirements I then agree to test sponsor one post.

What’s A Test Sponsor

I pay you $5, and Sponsor 1 post. If I get Average, close to average, or above average results we then enter into a deal. This is simply to test for bots. Bots won’t interact. Real people will, so if your a non-bot guy your safe.


Yes. Such as I sponsor 2 posts of your every week for the next 5 weeks, or even a deal along the lines that I sponsor 10 posts of yours a week for the next 2 months. During this time we discuss a price-per-post, which is how much it would cost me to sponsor each post.

Then I pay you every time you publish a post I sponsored. One post at a time.

How Does Sponsoring A Post Work?

Well it’s simple. If your a blog simply leave a little sentence after a post in bold that says “This Post was sponsored by theh2digroup.com Go read their blog by clicking that link”. For a YouTube, & Podcast account just simply say “theh2digroup.com sponsored this post. Check out their site for some great stuff”. The only thing a YouTube account has to do that a Podcast doesn’t is leave a little caption when they say this that reads “Sponsored By Theh2digroup.com”, and leave the same note “Sponsored By Theh2digroup.com” in the videos description.

See Its Easy! It’s really just a few extra words, and a typed sentence or two. Easy Cash!!!

Remember Simply Email Me At Caden738@theh2digroup.com We Can Make A Deal. For The Little Guy.


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