Do you pay yourself on the back every time you finish writing? Is your content even good enough to pay yourself on the back for? When I write a shitty article I know when its crappy, usually I delete them, but do you know when your articles are crappy?

But usually I’m not in a vacation in Australia so I published two of my crappy articles. It was a two part series called “Americas Shock Collar”. Go ahead, click the links down below. Laugh at how crappy they are, but remember: I’m the one in Australia. Then you can say “Well your not there anymore!” If you wanna say that, f*ck off.

So Is Your Content Getting Worse?

If your content is getting worse then you will know. Your views could decrease, people can unsubscribe, or you’ll just get that feeling in your heart that your content is crappy (Backtrack: America’s Shock Collar P’s 1&2)

How To Improve Content

Is your audience over-protective, overbearing moms? Bears with super-intelligence? Leprechauns on drugs? I don’t care? Just try to connect with your audience the best ways you possibly can.

You can connect with your audience by talking to them one-on-one, and using emphasis when writing instead of a monotone. By connecting with your audience in that way your content will get better. Basically your content is as good as you write it. If you use pictures, and emphasis, and the correct punctuation then your content will be easier to understand, and (as I’ve said a million times now) better.

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Another way to make your content better is uniqueness. There are things that everyone writes about, and there are things that very few people write about. What I’m saying is it will be better for your website to write an article about Water Monitor maintenance, then it would be to write one about puppies. Sure, you love puppies, but everyone takes pictures, and writes about them. However an article about water monitor maintenance isn’t something that has a million sites dedicated to it. Your blog is then unique in the way that its unlike others–which is the literal definition of Unique.

Those aren’t the only ways, but that’s enough for now. Want more? Use the search bar down below, and search “Keeping A Blog Alive” it’s a series about keeping your blog, well, alive, and increasing traffic.

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This post was last modified on May 2, 2020 6:27 PM