Journaling In Private Vs. Public Journal Blogging, By Ki O’Shea

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I’ve journaled all of my life. As I have gotten older, I am a bit more consistent with journaling, but I’m still kid-like with my journaling. For one, I love notebooks so I have about five notebooks/journals that I use simultaneously. I share details that I know will remind me of the event(s), and of course I date each entry. These entries are for my eyes only. (“BEWARE: Do NOT open Ki’s Journals”)

I was asked recently what is the difference between my blogs and my journals? I can’t speak for everyone, but my journals are things I desire to stay in my private life; for example, everyone does not know my address, but they know the city I reside. Those people that are close to me are able to retrieve my address from me, visit me, and even eat dinner in my kitchen. Blog followers for me do not have that privilege. As you blog and decide on what messages to deliver, you are able to set boundaries.

While I am comfortable with people knowing what state and even city I live in,
I’m not comfortable with everyone coming into my home, sleeping in my guest room, taking a shower in my bathroom. I am comfortable with meeting at restaurants, having coffee dates, so I know my boundaries.

So my journals are for me. My journals share stories that I pray my future grandkids can read and learn about their grandmother. My blogs are to share a different type of transparency. They are inspiration with many surface level experiences. I do open myself up from time to time, but I know what should be closed and locked in my journals.

You set your boundaries and what works for you.

#ThisThingCalledLife… the boundaries you set for your blogs are your choice.

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