There are many lies people say about blogging, because Many people have no idea what blogging actually is, or how it actually works. These falsehoods may lead to many people not blogging who should, or many people who shouldn’t blog (Read: Aren’t up to the task) starting one.

Let’s go through these. Lies People Say About Blogging, And Defunct Them

1. “It’s Easy”

It’s not. But that’s what you hear:”It’s Easy”. Well blogging isn’t like social media, you don’t just Write, and post. You spend at least 10-15 minutes writing, choose a photo, categorize, tag, edit, proofread, improve the SEO as best as you can, add a Keyword, and then schedule your Article to post when best.

Now if you take away the SEO part Keyword Part, and categorization it’s just like that tweet that you obsess over, and think just couldn’t NOT go viral. Even though it never does. That’s one of te hardest parts.

On Twitter & Instagram your audience is 500 Million (Plus). On Facebook your aaudience is in the Billions. However on your own blog your audience is in the nones. You don’t have an audience! You need to try, and grow your own.

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That can take days, weeks, months, or years. So yeah, its hard

2. “It’s Quick”

Blogging is anything but “Quick” in every sense.

You Won’t Get Rich Quick, and The Process Isn’t Quick.


It can take 2 years, working 3 hours a day before you start making a living. You could work 5 years, 5 hours a day and still be far from able to make Blogging your full-time job, instead of jut a profitable hobby.

“5 Hours a day? Yeah, your lying… it takes 20 minutes MAX” Is what many peoplease have said to me. When in all reality you should try to post once a day, and writing that post itself could take you 30 minutes.

Then you need to do some Editing, and Tweek Some SEO, Add a Photo, and finall Schedule your post. At the end of the day one post can take you an hour, or two.

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And that’s not counting the amount of time it may take you to get inspired/decide what to post about in the first place.

Then you might need to Approve Comments, do some Site Customization, maybe some Full-Site SEO Editing, Yata-Yata-Yata.

In Short: If your a serious Blogger, and want to make a living it isn’t “Quick”.

And Honestly this is one of the most irritating lies people say about blogging. It drains the respect many people should have for bloggers because they think it’s easy! Ugh!!!

3. “It’s A Goldmine!”

Fun Fact: Most Youtubers are broke, and sponsors buy everything in those “I Spent $20,000 ON THIS”, or “I Bought A Car!” And every type of Video like that in between. Don’t be surprised to see you favorite YouTuber working at McDonald’s is what I’m saying.

And Blogging isn’t much different.

Only the best, and most dedicated bloggers can make that coveted $2 Million a month. And there’s only about 1,000 bloggers (Or Less!) that do make that.

Now I’m not saying that it isn’t a Goldmine, I’m just saying that it’s more of a Copper Mine.

It’s well within every bloggers grasp to make 20K a month if they try hard enough, just don’t expect MILLIONS.

And as I said it will probably take Years.

4. “It Costs Too Much”

With you can create a blog For Free(!). Its not too costly. And to make a Professional Blog it only costs $300 per year with the WordPress “Buisness Plan”.

It’s easy, Simple, and Quick to Create a blog.

And to make money off of Ads you just need the $100 a year “Premium Plan”. But first I’d get your blog up-and-running.

Maybe try to get 1,000 followers, or 20 Views a day before you get a paid plan. (The cheapest one is $50 A Year the “Personal Plan”, but you can’t make mony off of ads with that one)

5. “Anyone Can Do It”

I believe that everyone should try blogging. But not everyone is up to the task. Or maybe their blog goes on to be filled with horrible lies, and spreads cruel rumors.

I think that if you go through, and are active in the Blogosphere you get a better view of the world, because you get to see others views of the world. And even if you think they’re crazy you should hold your peace because it’s their domain (Literally).

But I’ve seen some people who just leave Cruel Comments, and try to start fights. As if the Blogosphere is Twitter, or Facebook.

Some people just have those mean personalities, and dispositions, and shouldn’t be allowed to worsen the world.

But maybe your a nice person, and your blog should exist. Well maybe you still can’t do it, because you aren’t up to the task (As I’ve said before).

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